How to Design Impressive Exhibition Displays with Foamex?

They are available in a range of colours as well as matt and glass, Foamex panels are slowly becoming one of the top exhibit boards and display stands.

Foamex is one of the most popular display materials in the UK. We reveal what makes Foamex ideal for display boards. Everybody knows that when talking about an exhibition display board one of the primary things you should examine is a substrate that’s robust, lightweight and strong that is an excellent choice for use.

The whole point is to utilise Foamex to make an attractive and temporary structure. That’s exactly what the shell scheme panels are designed to be. This is why we’re here, to discuss the ways to use Foamex to design appealing exhibition displays and the reasons why it’s an excellent option.

In The Case of Small Spaces

If you’re looking at an area that isn’t adequate, it is likely that you will be wondering how you can get the most value from the space. Fortunately, Foamex Signs comes to the help here, since it will assist you in designing your booth making use of Foamex signs as banner stands.

Foamex is sheet plastic used for a wide range of applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for protective displays, signage and exhibition stalls.

With custom-designed displays, your booth will be attractive with your unique brand and display board that gives you well-defined, highlighted appearances.

Designing Displays At Point Of Entry

Another way to draw attention to your shell scheme panels could be to design a stunning reception display at the point of entry that will showcase your product and let customers know the variety of products of options you provide. 

By using Foamex signs, this effect can provide an impressive entry point that sets the tone for your exhibit. Right from its inception, Foamex has evolved and been used for a number of different applications, ranging from exhibition and retail signage, point-of-sale to displays and POP.

Foamex Sign Board Banners

What is the most effective way to draw attention and create an ideal stall or layout, is by acquiring hanging signs. Foamex exhibition stands are a versatile and cost effective way for you to promote your products or services on the exhibition floor.

Of course, you’ll have already chosen stunning graphic designs for your shell scheme, therefore to increase the overall branding impact of your business you should consider suspending banners to assist in creating the complete appearance more professional.

They are very eye-catching and attractive, you can utilise them to promote your brand however you like, and you can make use of Coloured Foamex boards to this effect, which will help your logo stand out more.

The Creation Of Dedicated Brochure Stands

Everyone is aware that marketing material like brochures is extremely crucial for any business. Even if you’re looking at booths for exhibitions, aside from the branding you can do using your shell scheme graphics, you’ll be required to provide specific marketing materials to ensure that you can get attention for your customers.

Instead of stacking all of the brochures on the table, you could make a stand for each brochure that could include Foamex board to make a perfect option to create maximum impact.

The most significant benefit you’ll get from making use of Foamex sign board is the fact that it is mobile and is able to be carried easily around and, in addition, it doesn’t take too long to install also, making it an ideal choice while providing you the best visibility.

Making A Unique Stall

Because Foamex printing is extremely durable, they can be used to create various kinds of stall designs which will assist you to make your booth appear clean and polished. With the help of fabrication you can transform your exhibit booth from appearing like an exhibition stand into something that’s an even larger scale.

So, shell scheme panels constructed from Foamex will help in providing you with the highest printing quality you’d like, but also offering you the possibility of making an aesthetically pleasing display. Pick Foamex for the shell graphic panels with schema.

That’s it, if you’re seeking to make an exhibition display that’s distinct from the crowd, consider Foamex Signage which will surely enhance the overall impact.

What Makes Foamex Ideal for Short Long-Term Signage Printing?

To understand the reasons printed Foamex is so suitable for printing signage we must begin by looking at its composition, which is an important part in its usefulness for this use. PVC Foamex as it is evident by its name is PVC made of a substance that is quite durable and solid in its nature.

It is possible to use the term foam in its name inaccurate, because the image created is one of a material that is soft in nature. But actually it is different from the real Foamex PVC board.

To help you understand the usefulness of the material and the advantages it offers for printing on signage. Foamex Printing is here to identify the numerous benefits and advantages that you need to be aware of prior to making a decision on the product. Let’s start:

The First Thing To Discuss Is The Advantages Of Using It As A Sign

Cutting Foamex board printing is extremely simple to complete. You can actually cut through it, form it in a variety of ways, and then glue it however you like.

Expanding on its flexibility and its ease of use it is possible to form and bend the Foamex sheet in a variety of ways, making it extremely flexible to use.

The Material Is Very Robust, And You Can Count On It To Last For 7 Years In A Typical

One of the major benefits that come with Foamex printed boards is that the finished product is water-resistant and waterproof. Therefore, if you’re planning to use it outdoors this material is extremely robust to weather conditions.

If you take a look at a sturdy and robust hoarding board, such as a 10-millimetre Foamex board, you’ll be pleasantly surprise to discover that it’s quite light. That means the foamex signs you choose to use will be mobile and in a position to carry it around without difficulty. If you’re travelling and taking a stand at an occasion or exhibition that your signage is of Foamex board will be like a godsend.

Due to the flawless appearance that can be achieve using this type of material, when you opt for Foamex board printing the quality of images you receive will be top-quality. This will ensure that your signage is sharpest graphics or letters and is visually attractive.

One of the biggest concerns that all of us have is the budget you need to stick to which is the reason Foamex Printing Company Foamex Printing Company offers our customers the lowest price, which makes your purchase an excellent price for your money.

And lastly, all these benefits aside the fact that your signage, whether it is made of 3mm Foamex 5mm, 3mm or even 10mm is all recyclable. The brands that advocate an environmentally friendly business model and your sign will be recycle at the close of time is not affecting the environment and could be reuse.

Although the most common colour for printing is white, for those seeking something more imaginative, Foamex comes in various colours and also specifications.

With a bit of imagination available, you could make eye-catching, highly effective high-quality signs that are sure to catch the interest of the intended public.One little tip to keep in mind is that Foamex board could give you amazing results that can look much more expensive than they are. So, it’s no reason to wonder why a large number of companies today are looking to purchase signs made of this PVC material.