How to Make an Essay Longer?

An essay is all about you describing a particular topic or explaining the final solution. There are no specific criteria for uk essay writing, but institutes put forward certain guidelines for the students. And most of the time, the learners take help from professionals to combat multiple deadlines. However, the main concern is that, at times, these essays must be elongated and that the student has to do it all by themselves. 

So as added support, you can go through this write-up and find the quickest and easiest way to cover up an essay that is too short. Also, these types of points come in handy when you do not have a professional offering you Essay writing help UK.   

Type of essays 

Before you start with an essay, let’s introduce you to the various essay types:

  • Narrative essay: Narrative essay helps you convey a message to the outer world through a story. In a narrative essay, you can incorporate ideas so that they start looking like fiction writing. 
  • Descriptive Essay: You will find a detailed description of the subject. This can be a place, a service, an event or a form of a creative approach to writing. When writing a descriptive essay, consider incorporating descriptive examples and images as required. This will help you amp up the description game.  
  • Expository Essay: Each topic is described in a neutral tone. The writer’s main purpose is to demonstrate their expertise in the field. Also, in an expository essay, there is no such prominent presence of opinion or emotion instead, facts are highlighted. 
  • Definition Essay: Here, you will be defining a particular idea. The topic can be anything, and in-depth analysis is required to make people understand the same. 
  • Compare and contrast essay: More than one subject is taken under consideration. This type of essay is normally common in the academic setup, where students are made to deal with a topic of their choice and come up with conclusions accordingly. 
  • Process Essay: In a process essay, the reader deals with how-tos. It is, in particular, a situation, a service or a product that the person learns to deal with. One has to enter all the necessary information making the best out of the information available.  
  • Persuasive Essay: The main purpose is to persuade the readers to take action. At times, a persuasive essay can include emotional reasoning and moral ethics and might not always be driven by logic.  
  • Argumentative Essay: In an argumentative essay, the reader is made to take a fixed side depending on the subject. Also, the main base of the essay is focused on making critical acclamations to the reader. In an argumentative essay, you will come across one-sided arguments, for or against. 
  • Critical Essay: Critical essay does offer an in-depth analysis of a study. Institutes do prefer the same because students get to think critically and analyse a situation from their point of view. 
  • Cause & Effect Essay: In a cause and effect essay, one has to deal with the reasons behind the situation and elaborate on the after-effect. This type of essay does make it obvious to state facts and avoid unnecessary opinions that are biased as well. 

How can you make an essay longer than it is?

Without further ado, let’s move forward to find out how to make an essay longer than it already is:

  • Cross-check whether you have included it all: Writing an essay will require going through multiple trial and error processes. There might be a day when your teacher will ask you to insert certain points you might have never considered. So make it a point to cross-check whether you have inserted it all and then proceed with the other adequate. The more lenient you will be at the beginning, the more hard work you will have to do in the later part. 
  • Top up with transitional phrases: An essay must score well on the readability graph, so transitional sentences are necessary. The more sentences you put, the better it will sound and help you score adequately. If you are unaware of the type of transitional sentences your institute wants, connect with the instructor and proceed. 
  • Crosscheck the instructions provided by your school: It is necessary to abide by your school’s instructions. Understandably, you have already completed the essay and are working on the extension part. Then also, the instructions are necessary, and you need a clear picture. 
  • Use examples as appropriate: Examples in an essay help with the explanation part. Also, various essay types and genre-specific examples will help you with clear explanations. However, when adding more content to an essay, abide by the appropriate examples and avoid the wrong ones. 
  • Add in quotes: There are quotes by famous personalities which help add value to an essay. Also, writing quotes in an essay enables you to make an impression in front of the teacher and the rest of the class. Sometimes it is difficult for us to insert information relevant to an essay; under such a situation, quotes come in handy. 
  • Keep an impactful heading: With more content in an essay, the overall meaning also undergoes adequate change, and in such a condition, you will have to change the heading. Try to make the heading attractive and meaningful at the same time. It must come as a relevant source to the reader, not something they cannot relate to. 
  • Make your essay descriptive: Because you are made to add content to your essay, it is necessary to focus on the description part. Explain all the points that you have decided to add. This will help you with essay elongation and add meaning to the content you are writing.  
  • Get someone to proofread: Never submit your essay without checking on the grammar, punctuation and spelling. It is always about how you present and not what you write. If you are careless about proofreading, the entire thing will reflect on your grades. Also, do cross-check the tone of your writing and have your priorities clear that they are formal. 

Final Thoughts

An essay does require you to elaborate on a fixed topic of concern and make people understand your point of view. There are various essay types that the institutes make you choose and work on accordingly. Also, as the topic concerns, at times, teachers will want you to work on making these essays long, and that is when the points mentioned above will offer adequate assistance.  

Author Bio: 

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