How To Manage Group Homes With eMAR?

A group home is a community of people who live together and share their lives. eMAR allows you to manage your group home’s business information and create new members, update their details, and assign tasks to them in one place. 

Also, it allows you to create add-on rules for these members to ensure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. Using the eMAR portal to check how your residents are doing on their tasks and activities also helps group homes reach optimal performance. 

Before we go forward- Group home eMAR differs slightly from the group home EHR. However, both of the software provide nearly the same features. Here in this guide, we will cover all about Group home eMAR or documentation software. If you are interested to know, let’s get you started!  

Manage Your Group Home’s Business Information In Group Home Documentation Software.

You can easily manage your group home’s business information in eMAR. You can also create new member profiles, update their resident details, and assign tasks to your healthcare workers. Further, you can also make the rules for your facility to ensure everyone is doing what they should. The eMAR portal can streamline staff performance and check residents’ tasks and activities.

Create Rules For The Members 

You can create rules for  staff members to ensure everyone is doing what they should. For example, you may require your group home staff members to complete certain activities or perform certain tasks before they can leave the premises at the end of their shift. 

Suppose a staff member has been absent from work without informing anyone else. In that case, their supervisor should know about it immediately so they can take appropriate action against them (e.g., writing them up).

Use The Emar Portal To Check How Your Residents Are Enjoying Your Facility 

The group home documentation software portal is where you can check how your staff members are doing on their tasks and activities and how much time they have spent on each task. You can also see how many hours they have spent on each task. This will help you to make better decisions about what kind of training or support they need to complete these tasks successfully.

With Emar, You Can Manage Every Aspect Of Your Resident’s Lives Anywhere In The World With Just An Internet Connection.

emar is a cloud-based platform. It’s secure, and you can access it from anywhere in the world using the internet. eMAR gives you control over every aspect of your residents’ lives, from monitoring their activity to setting up schedules for meals and caregiving needs.

<strong>How To Manage Group Homes With eMAR?</strong>

Other Notable Benefit Of The eMAR Software 

Along with managing the resident’s information and monitoring their daily lives, group homes have several other benefits. Not only do these benefits work for the group homes, but across the health care facilities like assisted living facilities and senior care facilities:-

Fewer Errors 

In group homes, information is the key to running information. All the medical data should stay current and provide recent information about the drugs administered to the residents. Recording data electronically reduces the space for human errors. 

Enhanced Compliance And Safety 

Reducing human errors improves the compliance and safety of the residents. It can provide alerts, so you don’t miss any necessary medication.

No Paperwork 

Electronic systems reduce the amount of paperwork. Information can be pre-populated in the eMAR. So, caregivers can take help from that information to update or add new data. It makes it easier for them to type and dictate the notes than fill in a paper record by hand. 

Greater security

Group home documentation system is a cloud-based system, which means it provides great security to the data. You can grant access according to a set of centralized permissions delivering a much higher level of security. 

It reduces the risk of miscreants taking advantage of or damaging medical data. eMAR is centrally controlled by the care manager, so if anything happens out of the ordinary, the manager is more likely to catch it.

Real-Time Monitoring

Making medication records electronic means that care organizations can see an elaborate picture of a resident’s care at any time. With this, they can review a paper MAR sheet and then analyze a patient’s condition before the end of the month. 

Reporting And Evidence 

Keeping all the data about medications in a central eMAR system makes it much easier to generate reports. These reports can contain any data that shows the care given, any issues, and the action taken. In addition, the reports can be produced quickly for compliance. 


That’s all there is to it! If you want an easy way to manage your group home, eMAR has all the necessary tools. We hope this article has given you insight into what eMAR can do. eMAR is not only for group homes, but it is for several facilities across the healthcare industry. 

You can customize it according to your facility and add your desired features. You might find several names for the eMAR in the market, including assisted living software and group home documentation software kit. Depending on your facility’s needs, you can hire the eMAR development company to help you build the necessary software.