How to Manage Your Field Service Efficiently?

If you ask a company that is involved in servicing equipment or supplying goods to customers at their site what is the most difficult part, they will tell you that it is about how to schedule the jobs and dispatch their employees to satisfy the maximum number of customers. Sometimes there are so many service requests that the person handling the scheduling is likely to miss out on a few jobs. There is also the possibility that the wrong technician is allotted for a job which will result in dissatisfaction for the customer. Retaining customers in a competitive business environment is very difficult and losing one could be disastrous. It is essential to ensure that all the service requests are completed well and on time.

Using the App for Better Field Service Management

field service management app is the best way to ensure that all your service requests are attended to correctly. The field service management system will help you to connect all the entities involved in the job. The system will help in coordination between the customers, technicians, your back office, and fleet operators. You can record the orders received and schedule the job using the system. When you use the system to schedule the jobs you can be sure that the maximum time available with the technicians will be used perfectly. It will help the technicians to attend to the maximum number of jobs in a day and satisfy as many customers.

The service scheduling software will automatically alert the technicians and customers. The technicians can use the app to keep themselves updated about the jobs. This will help them plan well in advance and save time. It will even avoid the need for these people to visit the office every day because all communication can be made through the app. This allows them to attend more jobs in a day. The app which has GPS and maps integrated will help the technicians to choose the easiest route to attend the different jobs. This way they will save a lot of time and plan their jobs according to the shortest route.

Improving Your Profits With FSM Software

When you use the IT software companies in Singapore to develop the FSM software you are assuring the company of increased profits. The main advantage is that you can attend to more service jobs which will bring in more revenue. When you have more satisfied customers you can increase your customer base and get more service jobs. Another big advantage is that you can free some of your office staff and use them for more creative jobs. There will be no paperwork once you have the app with all the entities involved. This will save both time and reduce expenses on costly stationery.

Proper mapping of routes will lead to saving fuel. The technicians will use the shortest route and this will reduce the use of fuel to a great amount. The fleet that carries the spare parts can also use the app to reach each customer through the shortest route. The IT solution companies can integrate maps which helps with the shortest route. The technicians can prepare the invoice on the app itself and send it to the customer at the site. This will make your payments faster and ensure proper cash flow for the company.

The app will also help you track your technicians. Any company that employs field personnel knows that tracking them is essential to get the maximum work out of them and prevent them from wasting time.

Things to be Aware of While Developing the Field Service Management (FSM) Software

If you are looking forward to developing field service software for your company, you will get the following features,

  • Work order management
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile app
  • Customer relationship
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Customer reports

If you have all the features, we can say that you have developed a well-round field service management solution that will simplify your business.

FSM: The Importance

The main reason to develop FSM software is apparent to you, which is to scheduling and communicating with field servicemen, tracking their location, and gets more accurate reports from the customers. But there are certain things that you should know before developing a field service management app or software.

If you have been through the review section of your competitor and see that it’s not as good as yours but still getting more customers, certain questions will arise on your head. The first would make you wonder why people like this company over yours. You can find the answer to it after doing research, but we are giving you the answer right now — better customer services.

To provide better customer services, you won’t have to do a lot but to allow them to make the booking online, sending automated appointment notification or providing tracking services and a fast process to complete the buying or hiring process. A customer will feel satisfied if they don’t have to chase the servicemen for a long time to get the job done. Even if they find flaws in your services or your products, you can cover that up by providing better customer services.

By this time, you must have understood that to give your customer a memorable experience, giving the best products at cheap prices is not enough. You must be able to give them greater services, which will increase your company’s credibility and so will your sales.

The User Experience Matters the Most

Just because a software tics all the boxes, doesn’t give the assurance that they are the best. Think of it as a fast-food restaurant where you keep your customers from getting hungry. But it takes time to make a certain dish and to keep your customer quiet you need to provide them real-time updates rather than keeping them in the dark. If they can see that the food is in preparation and a delivery personal is allocated, they will be more relaxed.

So, if you want full customer satisfaction hire one of the best IT companies in Singapore and let them develop the best app for your business.

You should also read the company reviews before investing in a software developing company. If you think that it would cost you a lot of time to read all the reviews before trusting an IT company to develop your FSM software, you are making a mistake. Yes, it might take a little time to read all the reviews, but developing an app is a great investment. If there’re any mistakes, the entire investment will be soiled.

For example, after getting a customer complaint, you have appointed a field-serviceman to look after that matter. You have let the customer know that a serviceman is allocated who will be there in no time, but you have mentioned any specific time or waiting hours. This will make the customer more anxious as they would have to hold their current work and wait for the serviceman to arrive. This will leave a bad impression on the company as no one would like to wait for unknown hours to get the services.