How to Programming the Micro820 2080-LC20-20QWB Controller

The Connected Components Workbench (CCW) software can be used to program the Rockwell Automation 2080-LC20-20QWB Micro820 Programmable Controller. For Rockwell Automation micro programmable controllers, CCW offers a user-friendly programming environment. A step-by-step tutorial on programming the Micro820 controller with CCW may be found here:

1. Install Connected Components Workbench (CCW):

From the Rockwell Automation website, download and install the most recent version of CCW software. Make sure you have the required software license and system requirements.

  • Search for Connected Components Workbench (CCW): Finding the Connected Components Workbench (CCW) program is as simple as using the search tool or perusing the list of software downloads.
  • Select the appropriate version: Select the CCW software version that works with your operating system. For the newest features and bug fixes, make sure to download the most recent version.
  • Review the system requirements: To make sure your computer satisfies the necessary specs, check the CCW system requirements. This covers the hardware specifications for the operating system version, free disc space, processor, memory, and other hardware components.

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2. Connect the Micro820 Controller:

Using a USB cable or an Ethernet connection, link your computer to the Micro820 controller. Ensure that the controller is powered on and that the communication network is connected to it properly.

  • Determine the communication method: The USB and Ethernet communication protocols are supported by the Micro820 controller. Depending on your setup and the resources you have, choose a method.

3. Create a New Project:

Create a new project in CCW by opening it. Provide a name for your project and a place for its storage.

  • Configure Firmware Version: Select the firmware that corresponds to the firmware that is already installed on your Micro820 controller. This guarantees that the controller and software are compatible.
  • Click “Create”: Once you have entered all the necessary project information, click the “Create” button to create the new project.
  • Project Workspace: After creating the project, CCW will open the project workspace. This is where you can access various project-related files, such as programs, configurations, and data files.

4. Configure Controller Settings:

In the project settings, select the Micro820 controller as the target device. Configure the communication settings such as the controller’s IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and communication method (USB or Ethernet).

  • Configure Communication Settings: If you are using an Ethernet connection, select the communication settings for the Micro820 controller. This includes the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and other network parameters. Enter the appropriate values based on your network configuration.
  • Configure Firmware Settings: Check the firmware version of the Micro820 controller and ensure that it matches the firmware version selected in the project settings. If necessary, update the firmware on the controller to match the project requirements.
  • Configure General Settings: In the controller properties, you may find additional options to configure general settings such as controller name, time zone, date, time, and other parameters. Adjust these settings as per your application requirements.

5. Develop the Program:

CCW supports multiple programming languages, including Ladder Logic, Function Block Diagram (FBD), and Structured Text (ST). Choose the programming language of your preference and start developing the control program. Write the necessary logic and algorithms based on your application requirements.

  • Develop the Program Logic: Depending on the selected programming language, you can use the available tools, instructions, and functions to develop the program logic. Write the necessary ladder logic rungs, function blocks, or structured text code based on your application requirements.
  • Add Instructions or Code: To create the necessary programme logic, use the drag-and-drop feature or input instructions and code snippets. To establish the required operation sequence and control flow, connect the instructions or code blocks.

Allen Bradley Micro820 Programmable Controller

6. Configure I/O:

Define the Micro820 controller’s inputs and outputs in the I/O configuration. Indicate the kind, quantity, and addressing of the controller’s digital and analogue inputs and outputs.

  • Navigate to the I/O Configuration: Go to the “Controller Organiser” or “Project Organiser” panel in the CCW interface. To see all of the available options, including I/O settings, expand the controller section.
  • Add I/O Modules: You must include I/O modules in the project in order to configure I/O. Click with the right mouse button on the “I/O Configuration” section, then choose “Add Module” or “Add I/O Module.” Select the I/O module model and type that best meet the needs of your application.

7. Download and Run the Program:

To download the program to the Micro820 controller after program development is finished, click the “Download” button or go to Project > Download. To connect and transfer the program to the controller’s memory, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Verify controller connection: Check the controller’s status in CCW to make sure it is connected and acknowledged by the programme. A successful connection should be indicated by the status indicators.
  • Build the program: It is imperative to construct the programme in order to check for any compilation mistakes before downloading it. To compile the programme code, right-click on the programme in the Programme Organiser and choose “Build” or “Rebuild”.

8. Test and Refine:

Make sure the program is thoroughly tested to make sure it performs and functions as expected. Based on the outcomes of the testing, tweak or modify the program as appropriate.

  • Prepare the Test Environment: Make that the Micro820 controller is securely attached to the application’s necessary inputs and outputs. Set up any tools or gadgets that are required to use the controller.
  • Start the Program: Using the previously described procedures, download the program to the Micro820 controller. Make sure the controller is running the program.

It is helpful to refer to the literature and resources offered by Rockwell Automation throughout the programming procedure for thorough directions, examples, and best practice for programming the Micro820 controller using CCW.

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