How to Purchase the Kitchen Accessories You Need Online

Equip your kitchen with the right tools and equipment for a fully functional and comfortable cooking space. Chef Eric offers multiple culinary techniques and recommends a variety of kitchen gadgets in his classes. Click here to learn more!

Shop for everything from pots in all shapes and sizes to pizza peels, giant party-sized ramekins and food mills. These stores also carry other cooking equipment like steamers and pressure cookers.


How to Purchase the Kitchen Accessories You Need Online

Whether you’re mixing cake batter, measuring ingredients or putting the lid on steamy pots, smart cooking accessories will make your kitchen chores more efficient. Find a colander or strainer that makes it easy to wash and dry vegetables, berries and pasta, and a salad spinner that will speed up the process by eliminating the need to manually shake your wares.

Founded in 2018, Great Jones quickly found success with its Instagram-friendly cookware in trendy colors, such as the $160 Dutch oven named The Dutchess and the Holy Sheet pan. The company’s founder, Sierra Tishgart, positioned the brand as a more approachable alternative to legacy brands like Le Creuset and Staub. Her products also come in modern hues, from dusty millennial pink to black and white.


Caraway is not the most popular spice, but it has a unique nutty bittersweet flavor and a hint of pepper. It also has a bit of citrus and mild licorice. It’s used in rye bread and other foods, but it’s also delicious in cookies and pastries. Toasting the seeds brings out their full flavor.

Caraway cookware is free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, making it perfect for stir-fries and dishes with stock. It can even be used to cook up a roast or boil a pot of soup. Its even and efficient heating will also saute veggies and fry eggs in a flash.

Williams Sonoma offers individual pieces and complete sets of Caraway cookware. They come with a few kitchen accessories to match, including a modular pan rack and canvas lid holder. The sets are packaged in recycled cardboard and contain no plastic baggies or Styrofoam or packing peanuts.


Whether you’re looking for a mini mason jar for your cocktail bar or chalkboard labels for your buffet, IKEA has all the kitchen accessories you need to create great-looking party décor. You’ll also find kitchen utensils that will help you cook up some tasty treats. And with the INGKA Foundation, Ikea gives back to the community by supporting charitable organizations.

IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who was only 17 at the time. The acronym IKEA stands for the founder’s initials, Elmtaryd, the farm where he grew up, and Agunnaryd, his hometown in Sweden.

The company has a global reach and is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers. Its products are affordable and easy to assemble. In addition to the Ikea catalogue, the company has many online shopping options.

Williams Sonoma

How to Purchase the Kitchen Accessories You Need Online

Equip your kitchen with the tools it needs to cook faster and easier. Williams Sonoma’s utensil and cooking tool selection includes stainless-steel pieces, which are functional and durable. There are also options in nonstick, silicone and olivewood for a variety of culinary tasks. Nonstick utensils are made from TPE and have nylon heads that are safe for nonstick cookware, while silicone utensils are BPA-free and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees.

This collection also features kitchen gadgets that add efficiency and convenience to your cooking tasks, such as can openers, food mills and splatter screens. You can find knives that are sharper and lighter than traditional styles, plus a chef’s garlic zoom to dice cloves in seconds. Shop for other helpful accessories, including kitchen timers and meat thermometers in a range of styles.

Fishs Eddy

Ensure your kitchen is fully equipped with versatile and durable cooking supplies. Wood cutting boards, for example, can withstand the rigours of constant chopping while blending seamlessly into your home’s decor. Stylish glass or stainless steel cookware sets are also great for gifting.

Then there are the odds and ends, like a pastel cake stand or a cheese tray that’s shaped like an artist’s palette. The store even has a line of “Original” pieces that highlight unique design elements and are often made in America.

To experience the story behind Fishs Eddy for yourself, join Untapped New York for a tour of their hidden second-floor museum. You’ll get access to thousands of plates and see how Gaines’s business survived the pandemic while preserving one of America’s last links with the way we used to dine.