How to Use Latest Trending Ideas to Boost Custom Packaging Inserts Sales?

Custom packaging inserts – a creative way to boost sales and improve the brand image. I am sure you all have an idea what packaging insets are, and you must have seen them in magazines, newspapers, fliers, circulars, and the list goes on.

Inserts serve as the cherry on the top of the cake and provide an overwhelming unboxing experience for the consumers. If custom printed packaging inserts are attractive and easy to read, they can make the customers fan of your brand quickly and easily.

But the question is, why is there a need to add inserts in the packaging box? Does the package and the product aren’t enough to feed the thirst of the customers? The answer is sometimes no! Now, you’ll definitely ask why???? Continue reading to get the answers!

Why Should Packaging Inserts Be Added to The Package?

When a consumer places an order for some product, it’ll result in three scenarios that include:

  • The customer will be satisfied with the product
  • The product and packaging will exceed the user expectations
  • Sometimes, unfortunately, the expectations fall short.

There are various cases and scenarios when you can’t do anything to boost the user experience. If the packaging box arrives late at the consumer’s house, you can’t do anything about this.

Don’t be sad hearing this! There are ways you can opt to boost the consumer experience and make it memorable and unforgettable for them with custom printed packaging inserts. You can adapt countless ways to make this unboxing experience special for consumers. This can be done easily by:

  • Boosting the customer loyalty
  • Building strong relationships
  • Repeated orders
  • Brand personalization

In case you don’t add packaging inserts in the packaging boxes, mark my words; you are missing an amazing opportunity for branding and marketing your company!

Trendy Ideas to Boost Custom Packaging Inserts Sales

Discount Offers

Discounts can be an effective way to grab the consumers’ attention. You can boost sales and marketing by offering discount offers. In discounts, you can consider both situations, giving away some free products or selling the products at a much lower rate.

Keep in mind that the rewards will bring on more customers for your brand, ultimately leading to a sales boost for the brand. Try introducing creative ways to outcast the traditional advertising tactics and bring on the printed technology in use!

Introducing offers on custom packaging inserts be like;

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy two, get one free
  • Get 50% off on specific products
  • Enjoy family offers with our deal!

“A study by the University of California found that inserts with phrases like “limited time offer” and “exclusive deal” increased sales by 30%.”

These ideas work best when your brand offers more than one product for the consumer’s use. Clients can easily decide what they should buy and what not! Remember, if there are a number of products to be chosen from, the chances are higher that the client will make a purchase.

Request Notes for Social Media Sharing

You can’t think of promoting the products without social media in the era we are currently living in. People are so crazy about sharing everything on social media channels. If you want your product to be famous among consumers, market it on social media.

You’ll be astounded by the results. Brands boost their business and products by advertising them on their business pages and different platforms. For this, you can even add a custom packaging insert inside the package with a special request for social media sharing.

Thank You Cards and Personal Notes

Thank You cards are another way to show your appreciation and loyalty towards the customers. Whenever a client makes a purchase from your brand or signs up for a subscription, make it a habit to send thankyou cards.

With such a simple gesture, you can empower customers with your sincerity and trust towards them. This is an inexpensive way to show your care to the person who’s at the other end of the transaction.

Packaging Boxes with Referral Cards 

Referral cards are another exceptional way to engage consumers with the brand while boosting your business. Brands sometimes give these cards for free, or sometimes they are presented to the consumers due to some discount offers.

Consumers can use these referral card packaging inserts whenever they need some service or product in future. Although this might be expensive, this proves to be a worthy investment.

Think of a situation where you are running a food business; you can offer these referral cards as an incentive to the customers who refer your shop to others.

When you are using referral cards as packaging inserts, make sure they have all the necessary information required to know in case someone uses that offer. There are business owners that provide these inserts as a gift to their loyal clients.

“A report by the Pew Research Center found that 15% of Americans do not have access to the internet, making it difficult for them to access online-only offers and promotions included in packaging inserts.”

Personalized Messages for the Customers

Last but not least, sending personalized messages to customers can be a great use of custom packaging inserts. This is one of the best ways to make your company stand out from the competitors.

You can add a custom name, brand logo and even a slogan to make your company or brand look a little brighter. By this, customers can have an idea of what the values of your brand are. 

Letting the consumers know about your care with handwritten notes is a warm way to remind them of your loyalty. Clients can enjoy peace of mind with these little printed packaging inserts. 

These inserts will keep on reminding the consumers that these inserts were created to let them know about the attention and satisfaction they deserve. You can use the same trick for reviews. 

These reviews can either be for the current products or for those that will be introduced in the market in the upcoming time. To grab the attention of the customers, add a little product sample, and if they like it, they’ll surely return to make a purchase.

Final Words

Being a business owner, you’ll know how you have to continuously hunt for innovative ways you can opt to make the consumers happy as always. All this you have to do without spending money or without overdoing the budget.

There are some old marketing strategies that don’t work now, and some work for the finest choices out there. You have to differentiate smartly what choices you should adopt! Custom packaging inserts serve as a great way to offer exceptional quality services to customers.

You can inform the consumers about the sales, discounts, freebies and even about special gifts as a promotional activity that will boost your sales and build your brand to the next level. Don’t ever estimate the power of these little packaging inserts.