Importance of personalized t-shirts in business?


The image that the employees of a company transmit to the public is the perception that it has of the image of the company itself. That is, it is essential to ensure that the look is aligned with the values ​​and vision of the brand.

And the best way to convey a company image is to invest in personalized uniforms. They give an idea of ​​organization and seriousness, very important for companies in different sectors. With all the techniques presented so far, it is possible to customize different types of uniforms, depending on the need. We provide customized t shirt printing in Dallas.

brand fixation

Investing in the distribution of personalized t-shirts helps to strengthen your brand in people’s daily lives. After all, there is nothing more everyday than the act of putting on a T-shirt. If your product is of good quality, aesthetically pleasing and useful, there is no reason why it cannot be used daily by your customer. This way, your brand’s visual presence becomes constant, making it much easier for your audience to remember.

And at events?

A great opportunity to launch marketing strategies through the distribution of personalized t-shirts is to do this at events. Events are, in practice, large gatherings of people who make up your target audience. This means that, for a brand that targets photographers, participating in this sector’s gatherings is critical to reaching the right consumers.

Typically, at this type of event, organizers give attendees a container (such as a returnable fabric bag) containing various freebies from different vendors. In that case, including a custom t-shirt in the kit is a great action!

The idea is to give useful gifts, which will be used after the end of the event. The effect of this you already know: brand fixation, customer loyalty and increased sales.

How to choose the best personalization template?

You have already seen in this article the different techniques and customization options, right? But the question always remains: which one to choose? What best applies to your need? What will make a difference to the people who receive the T-shirts? In order to make the right decision, it is essential to pay attention to some of the questions that we brought below.


Without a doubt, quality is the first point that will define the choice of a customization process — in addition to the T-shirt supplier and the service. It is essential to take into account the durability of the chosen fabric, the resistance of the customization, the aesthetics of the t-shirt cut, among others.

If the idea is to distribute personalized t-shirts to the public as a gift, the quality of the fabric will make satisfaction with the gift received greater. If these T-shirts will be aimed at employees, like uniforms, ensuring quality means prioritizing the well-being and comfort of its employees, which results in an excellent endomarketing strategy.


The choice of colors is another very important aspect. If the idea is to make new uniforms, it is interesting to use more neutral colors, which are not tiring to the eye, as they will be used daily.

Now, for the promotion strategies based on personalized gifts, nothing prevents you from having a little more flexibility. Flashy colors should be designed according to the campaign objective, but you should never forget to insert your brand in the chosen model!

Regarding uniforms, it is also necessary to think about the specific legislation for each activity. Some higher risk functions are governed by work safety laws. Therefore, they can influence the production of parts in a very inflexible way.


The embroideries are usually made to present details of the customization of the t-shirts. They will hardly occupy very large spaces, and for these areas it is interesting to use other techniques that we mention in this article.

The quality of good embroidery prevents it from fraying or being damaged after just a few washes. Ideas to use on polo t-shirts (or even caps), the embroidery brings a premium look, ideal for higher quality products.


The quality with which the supplier hired to customize the t-shirts treats the finishes is an important differential, which should be privileged. Whether for internal consumption, with employees’ uniforms, or for distribution to customers, nobody likes to receive something poorly finished.

What counts most here is quality control. Serious companies with experience in the market know the importance of this matter, since any small error that goes unnoticed can mean dissatisfaction. And this dissatisfaction with the quality of the product has a knock-on effect, as it is meant to be passed on to other people.

Always keep in mind that the distribution of gifts works as a way to improve the relationship between the brand and the public. And, in this sense, offering defective products can have the opposite effect. The same goes for employees who receive uniforms with problems, starting to feel left out by the company where they work.

logo visibility

It is very common that most custom t-shirt suppliers already offer ready-made templates for their customers. If you don’t have a specific art in mind and are going to use one of these models — or even if you’re thinking of developing one — you need to take into account a very important point: your brand’s positioning.

It needs to be visible, so that your business is recognized without further efforts. Ideally, it occupies a prominent space, but also without being too appealing. Customized polo shirts, for example, demand a more sober style, so people already expect to find the company’s logo at the height of the left chest.

Personalized t-shirts are very versatile and can be used as advertising pieces, uniforms, giveaways and in other ways. Currently, the market offers a multitude of options for recording and printing companies and techniques.

It’s common for people to get a little lost when choosing. Therefore, nothing better than relying on a company with experience in the market that guarantees the quality of its products! Are you thinking of producing a custom t-shirt? So get in touch with us right away ! T-shirts in 12 Hours guarantees agility and satisfaction in your order!