Impressive Custom Tea Packaging Ideas, Tips you Might Not Know

If you are a tea business, you cannot overlook the packaging aspect.

Tea packaging should be creative and persuasive to infuse a vibrancy of appeal to attract consumers.

Putting efforts into making the packaging unique can help make the consumers realize that you keep their preferences at heart.

A typical custom tea packaging has two different elements: the material of the packaging and the printing on it.

Eye-grabbing packaging ideas help to showcase brand expertise and make consumers feel special about the tea of your brand.

In this blog, we will walk you through a number of interesting packaging ideas and materials used in the manufacturing of custom tea packaging.

So, let us start without further ado!

Types of Custom Packaging Tea

Custom packaging exhibits tea in an exquisite way. It is light in weight, dry, and can easily be adapted to different shapes and designs to cater to the needs of your tea brand.

Here are some of the popular custom tea boxes packaging options:

1-Custom Folding Cartons

In case you are looking for a multi-faceted tea packaging option, custom folding cartons have got you covered.

 It is a flawless option if you have to pack tea sachets or tea bags.

However, in case, you have to pack loose tea leaves if the tea is sealed in a plastic or foil bag.

Moreover, paperboard folding cartons are amenable to different printing options, making tea boxes a creative and voguish canvas for branding purposes.

In a similar vein, using cutting-edge printing can help you carve out tea-inspired, artwork, logos, themes, and customized fonts.

This spruces up the worth of the packaging and makes the packaging interactive and interesting.

Similarly, there are different customization options like shapes, sizes, and configurations to make the Custom Tea Boxes Wholesale versatile.

2-Stand-Up Pouches

Another impressive packaging concept for housing tea is stand-up pouches.

It is an affordable, easy-to-use, and marketing-focused packaging option that allows you to print brand logos, taglines, and other relevant information.

Moreover, interestingly, this is a resealable packaging solution to pack both loose tea leaves and tea sachets.


Usually, there are two types of tea canister packaging available: metal and cardboard.

This packaging comes in a gamut of shapes, sizes, and designs to pack tea in a form resembling the tee.

Ranging from cardboard to metal tins, canister packaging is amenable to be printed with a wide variety of graphics, textures, and custom labeling.

Obviously, creative and custom labels can transform an ordinary custom tea packaging box into an appealing gem.

Important Considerations While Crafting Tea Packaging

High-quality and relishable tea needs creative packaging to inspire consumers.

It goes without saying that quality packaging helps tea brands to nurture a solid relationship with their consumers.

Keep in mind these important tips while crafting tea packaging:

1-Freshness-retentive Packaging

Being a consumable product, tea is susceptible to many agents that can pull down its quality. Major factors include sunlight, air, and moisture.

Therefore, it is crucial to craft tea packaging in such a way that ensures safety from the damage of these agents.

It is a common practice of wrapping tea bags and sachets individually.

However, it is imperative to pack loose tea leaves in a resealable plastic bag or preferably in a metalized foil pouch. All these packaging techniques help to preserve the freshness of the tea.

Another effective option to maintain the freshness of tea is vacuum sealing.

2-Convenient Packaging

Remove the hassle of cumbersome packaging as soon as possible.

Inconvenient Custom Tea Packaging can be off-putting for consumers. Make packaging accessible by using custom folding cartons divided by a separator for wrapped tea bags or sachets.

Similarly, resealable and stand-up pouches allow one to pour out the right amount of tea, providing convenience to the consumers.

3-Eco-friendly packaging

Nowadays, you might have witnessed environmental experts trumpeting the significance of using sustainable packaging. Moreover, educated and eco-conscious consumers also sway to the brands that use tea packaging which is light in the environment.

Therefore, offering bio-degradable and eco-friendly tea sachets and tea containers is a wise option to promote a positive tea brand image.

Channels through which these boxes can be ordered

You can get custom tea boxes from a number of different avenues like online retail stores, local sellers, and wholesale sellers as well.

 Concluding words

We unpacked some lucrative tea packaging tips and packaging designs for you.

This will help to view tea packaging with a lens of a large variety, enabling you to choose the best one to give a memorable packaging business experience to the consumers.

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