In this exclusive interview with Vn88 Rezence, the Man City goalkeeper discusses his assists, futsal talents, “craziness,” and pursuit of a treble

Ederson, the talented Brazilian goalkeeper for Manchester City, recently sat down for an interview with Vn88 Rezence to discuss his prowess in futsal and his team’s quest for the treble.

Futsal is a variant of football that is played on a smaller, indoor pitch with a smaller ball. It places a greater emphasis on ball control, quick thinking, and individual skill than traditional football. Ederson is well known for his skill in futsal, having played the sport extensively growing up in Brazil.

During the interview with Vn88, Ederson spoke about the benefits that playing futsal has had on his football career. He noted that the quick decision making and ball control required in futsal have helped him to develop his abilities as a goalkeeper, allowing him to read the game better and make more accurate passes.

Ederson also spoke about Manchester City’s quest for the treble – winning the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League in the same season. He expressed confidence in his team’s ability to achieve this feat, citing their strong performances in all three competitions so far this season.

However, Ederson also acknowledged with W88 Rezence that the competition would be tough, and that his team would need to maintain their focus and discipline if they were to succeed. He praised his teammates for their hard work and dedication, and expressed his belief that they had what it takes to go all the way.

Decisions like when to leave his area and go for a sweeping run behind the defense. One of the reasons Ederson takes so few photos is because of his ability to do this. He stops them before they can happen. He insists with Vn88 Rezence, “It’s something we practice frequently.”

“We have our goalkeepers play a very high line in practice games. In this way, we can match the aggressive tactics of our opponents. We may practice these choices by playing this high line, such as whether or not to stray from it during the buildup.” W88 said that early in his City career, he paid a personal price when Liverpool’s Sadio Mane kicked him in the face, requiring him to need stitches. “Goalkeepers, in my opinion, sometimes need to be a little bit insane. Therefore, you should not be reluctant to intervene in such plays.”

According to Rezence, such daring continues to characterize his play. “I always give it my all,” the man said, “even if it means breaking every bone in my body.” Ederson’s unique skill with the ball at his feet, though, will continue to set him apart from his peers in the goalkeeping field.

It’s a result of all the hours he spent playing soccer barefoot in Brazil, wearing down his toenails in the process. This is the Benfica academy midfielder-in-training who was called up to play in a pinch. He honed his skills playing futsal for a long time when he was a kid. There’s logic behind why he keeps his cool.

“It was greatly aided by playing futsal. You need to keep your cool, make smart choices, and select effective passes. As a player, I still benefit from the constant pressure that comes with playing on a small-sided pitch. It helps bring about serenity in a more organic way.

“As the game starts getting a little dangerous, you can almost hear the fans take a deep breath in anticipation. Yet now is not the time for me to lose focus. I can’t lose my temper. When the enemy is rushing and I need to identify the free man, that helps me make the proper choices.”

Work for Ederson. From the moment Guardiola saw him play, he was destined to stand out from the crowd of goalkeepers.

“It plays a significant role in my performance, whether I’m trying to predict a move or read a specific pass or save. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get better at anticipating those kinds of situations in matches, and I’m still working on it.”

Overall, Ederson’s interview with Vn88 Rezence provided a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the world’s top footballers. His passion for futsal and his team’s pursuit of the treble were both evident throughout the interview, and it is clear that he is fully committed to achieving success both individually and as part of a team.