How To Increase More Likes on Facebook Page: 7 Tips for Small Businesses

Every business on Facebook joins the social media site for one reason: to attract more business and generate more revenue. Tapping into Facebook has the potential to boost your cash flow and expand your brand. Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t entirely sure how to use Facebook to its full potential. These seven tips are great for small business owners in India learning how to increase more likes on Facebook pages:

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Tip #1: Create a Fan Page, Not a Personal Page

Many small businesses make the mistake of creating a personal account to promote their business. This is a terrible thing to do if you plan on building your brand. Just think of how annoying it must be for clients who receive your personal holiday photos or updates on your relationship status on their newsfeed. In addition, there is a limit to the number of Friends a personal Facebook account can have but no limit to the number of Likes a Page can have. It doesn’t matter what type of small business you are; you must separate your business profile from yours.

Start by making sure your business’s Facebook page is filled out with all relevant searchable information in the ‘About’ section, such as an overview of what your business has to offer, a link to your business website (if you have one), and any other information you feel would be helpful to prospective clients. 

Tip #2: Choose Cover Photos and Profile Pictures Carefully

Just like you wouldn’t want to post unflattering photos of yourself, you don’t want to choose a cover or profile picture that sends a negative or ambiguous message about your business. These are the main visuals for your small business and will appear in your fans’ newsfeeds whenever you update your status.

The best pictures are engaging and feature people doing some activity. If you own a clothing store, you want to showcase some of the clothing worn by people involved in something relatable to your target audience. If you are a restaurant owner, you want to feature some people enjoying a delicious meal.

Tip #3: Develop a Base of Followers

The primary goal in starting a fan page for your business is to increase likes on Facebook Page, potentially leading to greater revenue. The first step is starting with your current customers. If you have an online business, use one of Facebook’s free plug-in tools to allow people to like your fan page from the checkout page. If you run an offline business, other ideas include putting up a sign on a counter or printing a message on receipts or business cards.

Offering incentives is a great tactic to get current customers to like your business fan page. Consider offering discounts such as 10% off the next purchase or a free reward if customers want your Facebook page. Keep it light and fun. The incentives won’t seem like much of an expense, considering that each current customer can potentially lead to dozens, if not hundreds, of new customers.

Tip #4: Post-Engaging Content

But how to increase more likes on Facebook page? Most experts agree that posting engaging and relevant content is the key to creating meaningful connections with your target audience and getting more likes. Remember that your number of Likes isn’t just a number: Each one is a living and breathing person. Most of your content should humanize your business or provide relevant content that would interest your audience, even if it doesn’t directly rate your business. 

Only a small number of posts – less than 20% – should attempt to sell a product or service.

Post photos, stories, or updates that encourage your fans to converse. Instead of posting a picture and writing a caption saying, “Check this out,” consider asking your fans for their opinions or responses. Each comment made by a fan will potentially appear on their friends’ newsfeeds and reach hundreds of other Facebook users. This can get the ball rolling and attract more fans to engage in the conversation happening on your page.

Tip #5: Be Consistent

The reality is that most people won’t return to your page after the initial contact. So a page without consistent updates can become a dead page very quickly. On the flip side, constant presence will lead to more interaction.

The easiest way to remain consistent is to include a Facebook content creation and posting schedule in your marketing plan. Look at your Facebook page insights to find out when your fans typically interact with your page, then spend a few minutes each day updating your page during this window. If you don’t have the time to check in to your social media accounts daily, consider letting the experts handle every aspect of your social media presence. Click here for more information.

Tip #6: Don’t Delete Negative Comments

As your fan base grows, you occasionally receive a negative comment or two from a disgruntled customer. While removing the post may seem like a good idea, a negative comment gives you a great opportunity to establish yourself as a responsive, customer-oriented business.

Monitor chatter and respond publicly each day. You can apologize publicly for negative comments and then take the conversation offline, expressing your side through a private message. The only instances when you should remove negative comments are when they are obscene, offensive, unrelated to your business, or call out somebody’s personal information.

Tip #7: Pay for Facebook Advertisements

Experts agree that paying for Facebook ads is one of the best ways to increase more likes on Facebook Page. Unlike sponsored stories which appear as suggestions on users’ newsfeeds, Facebook paid advertisements appear within the sidebar and can be customized to show off the title, imagery, and copy you prefer for a specific campaign. Ads are relatively affordable and tremendously effective in generating more fans.

These ads take more time and thought to develop, but they also open the door for split testing and optimization. Using Facebook’s ads reports, you can review where your business page likes are coming from by sorting for age and gender, country, and placement. Ideally, you want to try several variations of creative targeting to find which ads work best in generating more likes.


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