Kashmir Great Lakes- The Prettiest Trek of India


Still, the topmost and the meet of them all will be The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, If Himalayan beauty had a standard or a metric for standing. The KGL journey is a elysian paradise on earth that has larger- than- life outlook of rugged mountains, serene alpine lakes, magnific high altitude passes, and spectacular denes

 The sheer charm of this 9- day journey attracts pedestrians from each over the world. 

 Once you step inside this Himalayan Cockaigne, you’ll unleash a treasure casket full of surprises. The vibrant flowers, vast geographies, far- reaching illustrations, crystal clear lakes, and fascinating terrains will stimulate your senses every day of every second. 


 Day 1 – Drive from Srinagar to Sonamarg( 2730 measures) – 80 km in 3 hours 

 The trail for the Kasmir Great Lakes Trek begins from the base camp of Sonamarg which translates to the goldenmeadows.However, we will pick you up from Dal Lake; Gate No, If you have decided for a means of transport from Bikat Adventures.1, Srinagar at around 11 am. 

 The stylish peregrinations of life come in a short and sweet package. Gauging 80 km, the drive from Dal Lake to Sonamarg just takes around 3 hours. Unlike the tedious mountain ways of Uttarakhand, the roads to Sonmarg are flat throwing open views to extensive geographies. Once we cross 20 kilometers, the roads run resemblant to the potent Sindh River on your left- hand side and have vill- style estates on your right- hand side. About 40 kilometers into the drive, the cityscape ends and the roads open up to apple vineyards, lush auditoriums , snow- limited mountains, and a many military check posts on either side. Anticipate to reach Sonamarg around 2PM. 

 Day 2- Sonamarg to Nichnai 

 The grade of moment’s terrain is moderate with medium ascents and descents. There will be plenitude of water sources along the way and we will be covering a distance of 10 km in 9 hours. Some of the crucial highlights for this day are the view of Shitkadi vill; table-top Dhaba and a walk through fantastic trees. 

 The view of Shitkadi vill – 

 We’ll leave the campground by 9 am and cross a road to reach the starting point of the journey. The trails from the starting point are well pronounced and gain elevation with gradational ascends. About ten twinkles into the journey, the trails opens up to extensive meadows painted in a royal green shade. Once you reach the meadow area, don’t forget to look before. You can witness Shitkadi, a fascinating vill at the banks of the Sindh River. The rustic Kashmiri armature and the inflow of the swash mix to paint a graphic portrayal. 

 still, do it then, If you have a communication to shoot or an dispatch to check. Because you do n’t get phone network beyond this point. 

 OTT on the jewels 

 As we lift further through the timber area, the view grows wider and indeed more spectacular. At the end of the timber line, the elevations stop and a flat stretch of champaign, suggesting the top of a table, comes into view. The smooth meadows and the gentle breath then will remind you of the familiar warmth of a mama ‘s stage. During small breaks, you can sit on the silky champaign, stretch your leg and enjoy the true comforts of nature. 

 Walk the Talk with Birch 

 We’ll rest for 30 twinkles at the Table-top point for lunch and renew our trip to Nichnai campground. The trail penetrates a timber area filled with Himalayan Birch trees. 

 The walk through the Himalayan Birch timber resembles those Greek timbers fromHistory.However, go ahead and sit and lean on those hammock- shaped trees, If you get tired on your. 

 It’ll take us one hour and 2 km to cross the timber area and land on the vale side. You’ll notice that a silky sluice of glacial water flows to your right hand away, on its way to join the Sindh River. Be set to hail your curious neighbours and the stunning views of snow- limited mountains. Watch large herds of lamb walk along your canopies poking their heads inside to drink you with their warm Mehhhs! 

 Day 3 – Nichnai( 3, 505 M) to Vishansar Lake( 3, 658 M) via Nichnai Pass(,150 M) 

 It’s going to be a long day and an indeed longer walk. The grade is a bit emphatic with moderate to delicate ascents and steep descents. 

 We’ll leave the campground beforehand at 8 am to cover a distance of 11 km in 6 hours. The first 3 km of the trailswill have small boulder sections, gradational ascents, and easy descents. As we progress along the swash sluice, the tracks constrict down into thin vertigo- converting crests. The instigative part for the day appears at the end of the 3 km mark. The vale opens up to a wide section of the swash sluice. We’ll cross the swash through the deadening cold inundations and continue walking toward the trails of Nichnai Pass. The ascents from this point are a bit daunting and emphatic but the smooth transition of colors and scenic views will keep you amped to keep going.