Keeping Your Ceramic Flooring Brand New Year After Year

With the right upkeep, maintaining the visual appeal of your floor tiles after years of use is achievable and easy. Even though maintaining flawless tiles may seem straightforward, a few techniques can keep them appearing as fresh as the day when they were installed. In this blog, we’ll go through those few strategies to maintain your ceramic tile flooring Philadelphia.

1- Vacuuming & dusting

Even though some people find regular dusting and vacuuming daunting, doing so frequently guarantees that your tile keeps its sheen. Additionally, this eliminates your need to worry long-term about the tiles. Regular cleaning does not require using a variety of pesticides or detergents; a simple dusting followed by a wet mop would be sufficient.

2- Stain removal 

You should be careful and wipe up any spilled ingredients immediately because failing to do so could result in permanent marks on the tiles. To remove the stains, you may use cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, and ammonia.

3- Using baking soda & vinegar 

Vinegar is a versatile ingredient that works well to clean the tile. Only certain hard tiles, such as marble and stone, are suitable for vinegar use because of their PH level. There are several do-it-yourself ways to clean tiles with vinegar; one approach is to mop the tiles with half a cup of vinegar mixed with the water.

An ammonia solution is popular for tile cleaning since it effectively removes even the toughest stains on the tiles. Before using ammonia to clean, however, a few safety measures must be taken:

Combine the bleach mixture with warm water.

Use hand gloves while cleaning.

Keep the area airy so that the ammonia scent evaporates.

Closing remark 

Your tiles may break or become damaged; instead of trying to fix them yourself, use do-it-yourself techniques. If you want professional help fixing or maintaining your ceramic tile flooring Philadelphia, contact Tommy D’s. For further details, you can visit our website or call us.