Latest Fixes to Resolve Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light

Many Netgear router users have decided to switch to some other brand because their routers keep blinking orange light. The reason is, it has ruined their WiFi experience completely. In case you are also looking for alternatives because of the Netgear router blinking orange light issue, walking through this write-up is what we advise you. Here, you will get to know the hacks that will help you fix the orange light problem with the router in a matter of minutes. But, don’t you want to know what the issue means and what has dragged your router to such an extent that it started flashing orange? After all, the reason might be holding your router like a goblin preventing someone from doing the assigned task.

What is Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light Problem?

FYI, there are various LED lights present on a Netgear router. These LED lights illuminate different colors indicating whether your router is performing up to the mark or not. If you are seeing the orange light on your router’s LED light, then know that it simply means connectivity issues that can prevent access to the routerlogin page. Now, walk through the next section and learn why you are facing the issue in the first place.

Why is Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light?

The very first reason why you are witnessing the blinking orange light on your router is that you have not connected your router and modem properly. Perhaps, the Ethernet connection has become loose.

Technical glitches can also drag your WiFi router to the extent that it starts flashing orange light. Know that technical glitches are potential enough to brick your router forever.

You might witness the blinking orange light on your WiFi router if the power being supplied to the device is insufficient. Keep in mind that if the power being supplied to the router is not stabilized, you might experience other issues while using it.

So, these were the reasons why your WiFi router is blinking orange. Considering that you are now aware of them, let’s shift our focus to resolving the problem. Be sure that you follow every troubleshooting tip religiously. Otherwise, the issue will keep troubling you.

[Fixes] Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light

First of all, scan the Ethernet cable you’ve used to connect your WiFi router and modem. In case you notice any cuts on its periphery, it is a sign that it is demanding a replacement. So, do not make it wait.

However, you also need to make sure that the cable is connected perfectly to the correct ports of your WiFi devices.

The time has come that you give some rest to your wireless router. Don’t you know that making your router overwork can make it fall victim to technical glitches? Well, now you know. So, do not wait. Power down your router and keep it idle for some time. Once done, power it up again and see if it works in your favor.

If still the Netgear router blinking orange light issue is troubling you, then check the power socket that is supplying electricity to your WiFi device. Is it all well? If not, then you are supposed to connect the router to another socket offering a stable power supply. Besides, ensure that you are using a genuine power adapter.

How to Prevent Netgear Router Orange Light?

Although after following the aforementioned techniques, you will be able to fix the issue, we do not want you to face it in the future. Thus, if you want to avoid the hassle of implementing the above-mentioned tips again and again, consider doing Netgear router firmware update regularly. It will also improve the security of your home network.

The Final Thought

That’s all about what to do if you’re facing the Netgear router blinking orange light issue. Here, we shared every detail about the particular issue and now are hopeful that you will be able to tackle it easily. However, if the table still doesn’t turn in your favor, reset your wireless router. After that, use the Nighthawk app or the web-based management method to set up the router again.

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