Leveraging Data Visualisation for Thesis Writing with Infogram

You might be familiar with the data visualisations in your everyday life, but when it comes to using them for thesis writing, you start panicking. In the last decade, the techniques to perform data visualisation for academic documents have been improved to a great extent. You can acquire, create and consume data in hundreds of advanced methods and present it in the form of data discovery tools, analytics tools and reports. Infogram is one such platform that helps you successfully visualise the data per the requirements of your thesis. Let’s start with learning the basics of this tool.

Introduction to Infogram

If you are not that familiar with using Infogram, you are at the right place. This article shall guide you on using this platform effectively for the data visualisation pertinent to your thesis. Infogram is a web-based platform where you can create infographics and visualise the data. It helps you make compelling visuals and interactive dashboards with content based on your data. Are you bad at making such visuals? Use templates provided to the users by this platform, and there, you will be making compelling visuals for your thesis.

Importance of Clear Data Visualisation in Thesis Writing

You can master the art of creating good data visualisations in your thesis by striking a balance between data science, design and communication. If the visuals are used in the correct way, they will offer key insights to your audience and make the complicated datasets intuitive and meaningful for them. You must have a clean data set obtained from valid sources with no ambiguity in it. Only after that will you successfully ensure clear data visualisation for your thesis.

Using the right infographics in your thesis is mandatory when you want to leave a good impression on the minds of your readers. Infogram has all the relevant tools to ensure that you meet your goal, and it helps you do your job effectively.

Using Infogram for Creating Compelling Visuals for Thesis Data

If you feel stuck while choosing the best data visualisation tools for your thesis, try using Infogram. It will change the pace of your work, and you will get the work of hours to get done in minutes. Some of the best features of this tool that make it unique for all users are the following:

1. Lightweight Editor

The lightweight editor of Infogram lets the students customise the styles and colours they use in the visuals they make. You can change the display options if you do not like the ones already present there in the template or the design you are using. The best thing about using Infogram’s editor is that you can also add photos and GIFs of your choice to the papers. An interactive chart shall also enable you to present your data to the audience in an effective manner.

2. Importing the Data

Do you feel the need to import the data from different sources to your thesis? Infogram got you! It lets the users import data from several sources, including spreadsheet upload, native integrations (with different cloud services, such as OneDrive, Google Sheets, API integrations, and Dropbox) and more. Do you stay in contact with your friends and colleagues and keep getting data from them? There is no need to worry about anything; Infogram lets you share the information with your fellow researchers in real time.

3. Exploring the Data

The best feature of using Infogram for data visualisation during research is that you can explore diverse data using the tabs on the interactive charts. You can also add links to the other academic documents in any section of your thesis and keep the information updated by linking the source of information to the original website. Also, you can visualise the data from 550+ areas by using the interactive heat maps of Infogram.

The Features of Infograme’s Latest Versions:

The Infogram team has improved the classic features of this app and added several updates to the old version of this platform. When working with the current version of Infogram for the data visualisation requirements, you will witness the following best features in this app:

  • Using this platform, you can add country or region names to map markers. It helps you add helpful information to the infographic.
  • You can copy and paste the charts and diagrams from one project to another using several keyboard shortcuts. It saves you from creating multiple copies of the chart in a project.
  • You can effectively link several datasets in your papers using this platform. It is particularly helpful when you want to make your reports and infographics more engaging.
  • If you want to resize the font size and re-adjust the display settings, Infogram helps you in doing so.
  • The best update to this platform is that you can allow your viewers to download the data directly from the maps and charts you make.

Data visualisation is fun with Infogram, but you should not play with your grades if you feel stuck while performing the job for your thesis. To get the best thesis help online, you can hire a professional thesis writing service to provide you with engaging and compelling visuals.

Conclusion on the Significance of Data Visualisation Tools in Thesis Writing

Using the right data visualisation tool for managing your thesis work requirements can transform the game of thesis writing for you. With Infogram, you won’t have to spend hours designing the right visuals for your thesis. The user-friendly interface of this platform lets the users get their desired help and improve their grades. If you want the best thesis help online in the UK, contact the expert writers at The Academic Papers UK team – they will write your thesis tailored to your requirements and assist you in getting your degree with distinction.