LUNA BEADS MINI | Specifications And Advantages To Know Before Buying

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Luna Beads can be a great solution. These weighted beads provide resistance to the muscles, helping to tone and strengthen them over time. The beads are available in two sizes: Mini and Classic. Each set contains two beads of different weights. So, the users have the option to choose the heavier or lighter as per their fitness levels. The use of these beads can help you to improve your strength and endurance. If you want to know more about LELO Luna beads, then you probably need to read this article as it will cover the specifications and advantages of using these beads.

How Do Luna Beads Work?

These are two balls made of a safe material called silicone. Inside each ball is a weight that moves around when your body moves. This movement creates gentle vibrations that help to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger and provide a sensation of gentle pleasure. They are easy to use and require no batteries.

The mini beads are smaller than the classic beads and are designed for women who have not had children. The beads should be used with water-based lubricant for the best experience. Before purchasing the Lelo Luna Beads Mini, it is important to be aware of their specifications. 

Specifications Of Lelo Luna Beads:

Size & Weight:

The Lelo Luna beads are 38 mm in diameter and 28 g in weight, making them significantly smaller and lighter than other options. So, mini beads are a preferred choice for those who are looking for lightweight options.


The LELO Luna Beads Mini is made of body-safe, phthalate-free ABS plastic and silicone. The beads are filled with a weighted, water-based gel. 


The beads come with a removable, adjustable string for easy removal. They are also waterproof for use in the bath or shower. Additionally, the Luna Beads Mini come with a discreet storage pouch for safekeeping. The LELO Ina Wave is the latest form of beads that provides users with a stimulating experience. It features two vibration levels, is waterproof and rechargeable, and comes with a one-year warranty. 


The set comes with two sets of beads, one lighter set (blue) for beginners and one heavier set (purple). Each one has varying level of resistance. The beads are connected by a flexible silicone harness for easy and comfortable insertion and removal.


The LELO Luna Beads MINI come in a discreet black box with a magnetic closure and velvet pouch. It includes a user manual for guidance in use.


Before buying the Lelo Luna Beads Mini, it is important to compare prices to find the best deal. Be sure to look out for any special offers or savings that may be available.

Advantages Of LELO Luna Beads:

  • The LELO Luna Beads are small, light exercise beads designed specifically for women. They are inserted into the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The stronger muscles help with bladder control, sexual pleasure, and can even help with childbirth. 
  • Luna Mini beads contract the muscles when inserted in vagina. When the muscles around the vagina are contracted, the beads create a squeezing motion, increasing the blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles. This helps to make the muscles stronger, and offers a reduction in pelvic pain.
  • As they come in varying weights and sizes, they allow users to gradually increase the resistance as their muscles get stronger.
  • The beads are constructed from high-quality materials that are safe for the body and won’t cause allergic reactions. 
  • Furthermore, they are lightweight and easy to clean.The use of mini beads can help reduce the risk of urine leakage and make it easier to hold urine in. 
  • The use of beads can also improve blood flow to the vaginal area, which can help with feeling dry and uncomfortable.

At The End:

LELO Luna beads are a type of exercise equipment specifically designed to strengthen the muscles located in the pelvic region. Doing so can help to reduce issues such as incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse and improve sexual pleasure. The Luna Beads Mini exclusively available at Joujou, so make sure to check out their website to get yours today!