Major Changes in NOC System under Express Entry Program

If you are finding an answer to how to get a job in Canada from India”, then being aware of the changes in the NOC system is important for you. First things first, what is NOC exactly? National Occupational Classification is a system that is abbreviated as NOC and is responsible for the classification of different occupations. These occupations are classified based on the type of work, job responsibilities, and level of skill required. Managed by ESDC- Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada, there are more than 30k occupations categorized in the NOC. This system is highly used by the IRCC to find out the eligible occupations for immigration programs like Express Entry. People who are aspiring to apply for a Canada PR visa must be aware that NOC 2016 is no longer in use and is replaced by NOC 2021. Find out all the information you need to know about the changes here.

About NOC New Terminology and Classifications of Occupations in Canada

First of all, in NOC 2021- a new term is launched called TEER, which represents Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities for different occupations. TEER 0 begins with the highest prerequisites, and the level lowers in TEER 5. This new system distinguishes between the formal training and educational requirements. Here is the classification of TEER 0 to TEER 5-

·         TEER 0 has management requirements, which is equivalent to Skill Type 0 in NOC 2016.

·         TEER 1 requires a university degree or relevant experience in the occupation of TEER 2 and was classified under Skill Level A in the old NOC system.

·         TEER 2 is the category for supervisory and safety occupations like Police Officers and are considered similar to Skill Level B of NOC 2016.

·         TEER 3 requires six months of training and secondary education or experience in TEER 4 occupations.

·         TEER 4 demands several weeks of training and secondary education or experience in occupations of TEER 5.

·         TEER 5 requires a short work demonstration and there is no need for formal education in this category similar to Skill Level D in the NOC 2016.

Searching and applying under the right NOC category plays a significant part in landing a job in Canada from India. The applications in the Express Entry pool will be highly impacted by this change in the NOC system. If you have already received your ITA (Invitation to Apply) before 16th November 2022, then you can continue to apply for a Canada PR visa with the NOC 2016. But if you have not received your ITA yet or planning to apply for a Canada PR visa in 2023, then you will have to follow NOC 2021. In this new NOC system, the candidate will have to make it to TEER 3 category to become eligible.

There are sixteen new occupations added to the list, namely – Payroll Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants, Dental Assistants, Nurse Aides, Pharmacy Technical Assistants, Sheriffs, Correctional Service Officers, Residential and Commercial Installers, Pest Controllers, Estheticians, Regulatory Officers, Repairers, Bus Drivers, Subway Operators, Aircraft Assemblers, Transport Truck Drivers, and Heavy Equipment Operators. Whereas, Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers, Milliners, Program Leaders in Recreation, Sport, and Fitness, and Other Performers could not make it to the list of NOC 2021 and are ineligible under Express Entry.

Now that you have this introductory knowledge of NOC 2021, go ahead and find a reliable immigration consultant to apply for a Canada PR visa.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system classifies different occupations based on type of work, job responsibilities, and level of skill required. The NOC 2021 replaces NOC 2016 and is managed by Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada. The new system uses the TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) system, with TEER 0 having the highest requirements and TEER 5 the lowest. To be eligible for a Canada PR visa through Express Entry, the candidate must make it to TEER 3. The NOC 2021 has added 16 new occupations and removed some old ones. To apply for a Canada PR visa, it’s important to find a reliable immigration consultant.