Make a Check List About the best torrenting sites.

Are you a movie watcher? Do you want to spend your time watching movies? You don’t want to go to the cinema hall and watch movies. You like to stay at home and enjoy your cinema but without cost. 

Many sites help you to watch your movies. You just need to download the sites and find out your film. That’s it. There is a Torrent that offers you various types of film. You can find the movie in any language. But do you know the best torrenting sites? You can read this article and get your answer if your answer is no. You can learn about the best movie-downloading sites. 

Let’s Know about the best torrenting sites from the following discussion. 


It is one of the best torrenting sites in recent times. But this site has been active for a very long time. It was first introduced in 2003. It was regarded as an outstanding Torrent Search Engine Site at that time. It offers P2P platforms to users. But presently, in many countries, the site is down for legal issues. 

But don’t worry; the clones of this site were introduced after 2016. The other clone sites are still active today. The site still receives 10-20 million hits per month. So, you can understand the popularity of this site. 

The most crucial factor is the site offers the best movie downloading experiences. It has nothing to do with the download speed. The site gives you alternative downloading speeds and pops up each time. 


Do you like to watch movies or series in High Definition? You can manage your film with EZTV. It is a very famous and popular torrenting site. Even many experts say it is the best site ever. 

This site has an excellent library. But the site offers you television shows. Even users will find out many new releases on this site. If you think about the seeder’s ratio, the place is perfect. The site also has an active user community. The site has 20 million visitors each month. You will find many old releases as well on this site. 

Lime Torrent 

You can learn about another famous site. The name of the site is Lime Torrent. As per many, Lime Torrent is much better than other Torrent sites. The site offers a seamless interface. The Leecher quality is outstanding. The Lime Torrent came into existence in the year of 2009. 

Most interestingly, the site offers a high-quality downloading speed, such as 3 to 4 MB. In a month, more than 20 million people use this site. But sorry to inform you the site is currently banned in many countries, such as France, Australia and the United Kingdom. But users of this country can use Lime Torrent via VPN. This site has a few limitations as well. The users don’t find many seeders; you will also have many advertisements when downloading. 


You must hear about Torrends. It is another best torrenting sites for users. Like Torrent2, it is also tracking all the Torrents sites. It follows site such as 1337x, RARBG and Pirate Bay. 

The site is top-rated because it saves time and effort. You can find out all the metrics from this site. The site has seamless design and instruction as well. According to recent statistics, the site has 5 million hits a month. If you are a movie watcher, you can use this site. 

But there is one problem with this site. Recently, users faced many issues while using this site. Another problem with this site is that it offers you the search option but not the click option. 


YTS is another torrenting site. Many people like this site for a specific reason. The site offers the best movies and downloading options as well. The site provides High-Definition movies. The site is optimised with bandwidth and offers minimal intrusion as well. 

The site offers various movie downloading movies. The users get a 3 to 4 MB downloading speed. On this site, you can also find out the old classic film. You can find out the recent movies as well. But in the last few years, the area has faced numerous legal problems. The users can use the site without VPN. 

Torrent Download

Torrent Download is a general torrent site. The site has five million users in a month. But recently, the site faced a Government investigation. The site is only available in some countries. 

The site offers a 2 to 3-MB downloading speed. But users need help with advertisement problems. But as a user, you will get a good option via this site. The site is top-rated in Asian countries as well. 


IP-Torrent is one of the best sites from the user’s perspective. It is regarded as a popular private torrenting site. The site has many positive facts. The site has an outstanding community. The site has a vast library as well. 

The site is significantly safer for the users. IP-Torrent also offers excellent streaming speed. You can download many movies from the site. 

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Tor Lock

Tor Lock is another best torrenting sites in this field. Many people find it impressive for various reasons. The site offers good movies for download and vast speed as well. The platform was launched in 2010. The good sign is the site doesn’t face significant legal issues. 

Users can download movies, E-books, television shows and anime from this site. This torrent site also has a good seed that helps in downloading. But in many countries, the site is banned. You can’t use the site in India, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

The site also offers the “No Fake Torrent” initiative. Tor Lock also provides monetary rewards. Side by side, it is regarded as a safe site as well. The platform offers services in P2P format. The new users also can use the site.

We hope we get your answer. Now you can check these sites and download movies and television shows as needed. Get ready to spend your time watching movies.