Masters in Pharmacy in New Zealand: An Overview


New Zealand is home to some of the finest pharmacy training institutes in the world. Moreover, the cost of studying pharmacy is also not that high in NZ. This is why many Indian students go to NZ for pursuing a master’s in pharmacy. By moving to NZ for studying pharmacy you get access to quality pharmacy training. Furthermore, it also helps you increase your value as a pharmacy expert in the job market. In other words, it’s worthwhile to pursue a Masters in Pharmacy in New Zealand. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you all the things you must know about pursuing a Masters in Pharmacy in New Zealand.

Here’s everything you must know about studying pharmacy in NZ.

Why You Must Think About Pursuing a Pharmacy Program at a Kiwi University?

Following are the reasons why you must think about studying pharmacy in a Kiwi training institute:

  • Kiwi training institutes rank amongst the top universities globally for studying pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy graduates with Kiwi degrees are highly employable.
  • Pharmacy graduates with Kiwi degrees enjoy access to exemplary work opportunities.
  • The cost of studying pharmacy in a Kiwi training institute is not that high.
  • Kiwi training institutes offer lots of scholarships to students who seek to study pharmacy in them. To learn about these pharmacy scholarships in detail feel free to contact our study in New Zealand consultants.

Top Universities

Following are some of the top Kiwi universities when it comes to pursuing a master in pharmacy in NZ: University of Auckland

  • University of Otago
  • Massey University
  • University Of Canterbury
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University Of Waikato
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Lincoln University

Course Highlights

The duration of the MS in pharmacy program is one year at most Kiwi learning institutes. As an understudy, you’ll likewise partake in the neighborliness of New Zealanders, and you’ll have the potential chance to attempt a wide range of tomfoolery and energizing outside exercises, including climbing, scuba jumping, ice climbing, paddling, and so on. While studying here you will learn about medical management and pharmacy in detail. Besides this, you will learn about clinical pharmacy, best clinical pharmacy practices, etc.

Admission Requirements

Studying pharmacy in NZ is not that difficult. Why? Because the admission process at Kiwi training institutes is not that difficult and complex. But still, you will have to fulfill specific requirements for studying pharmacy in NZ. Following are the requirements you will need to meet to study pharmacy in a Kiwi training institute:

  • A UG degree
  • UG score: 70%
  • IELTS score: 6.5
  • TOEFL score: 95
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation
  • A medical certificate
  • Copy of passport, etc.

Necessary Documents

Following are the documents that you will require to submit to study pharmacy in a Kiwi learning institute:

  • Academic transcripts
  • IELTS scorecard
  • TOEFL scorecard
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation
  • A medical certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Recent photographs
  • CV/Resume, etc.

Cost of Education

The cost of studying pharmacy in NZ is not that high. Why? Because Kiwi educational institutions don’t charge hefty money for their pharmacy training programs. On average, you will need around NZ$ 35,000 to pursue a master’s in pharmacy in NZ.  Following is the fee that you will need to pay to study pharmacy at different Kiwi universities:

  • University of Auckland: NZ$ 46,525
  • University of Otago: NZ$ 39,822
  • Massey University:  NZ$ 50,500
  • University Of Canterbury: NZ$ 39,000
  • Victoria University of Wellington: NZ$ 25,000 to NZ$ 35,000
  • University Of Waikato: NZ$ 34,000
  • Auckland University of Technology: NZ$ 46,000
  • Lincoln University: NZ$ 20,000

Note: These values are just basic estimations. Thus, you may find a difference in them depending on the course you study at these training institutes.

Admission Guide

Following are the steps that you can follow to get admission to the master in pharmacy program in New Zealand:

  • Finalize the Kiwi training institute in which you will pursue your pharmacy training
  • Submit application form
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Pay application fees
  • Appear for an interview
  • Wait for LOA
  • Apply for a visa
  • Fly to NZ for pursuing MS in pharmacy

Career Opportunities

Demand for pharmacy experts with Kiwi degrees is quite high globally. Moreover, these pharmacy graduates also earn hefty money for their services. Following are the different roles you can take up in NZ after completing your master’s in pharmacy:

  • Community pharmacist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Policy adviser
  • Proprietor pharmacist
  • Academic pharmacist. To learn how much you can earn as an academic pharmacist in the nation feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi for New Zealand.
  • Researcher
  • Regulatory affairs pharmacist
  • Specialist pharmacist
  • Prescribing pharmacist


If you seek to become a competent pharmacist then you must pursue Masters in Pharmacy in New Zealand. By doing this you get the opportunity to get quality pharmacy training at top pharmacy training institutes. Moreover, pharmacy graduates with Kiwi degrees are also highly employable. Thus, if this thrills you then you must go to NZ for completing your pharmacy training. You won’t regret completing your pharmacy training at Kiwi training institutes.