MBBS In China’s Best Medical Colleges 2023

Admission to the MBBS program

The student must submit their application as soon as possible because China receives many applications from students all around the world. The MBBS intake begins in September. Ideally, the application should be turned in within the month of June. September will be the first month that classes are held.

The allocation is often done on a first-come, first-served basis. It should be remembered that the application’s processing will also take a few weeks.

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Qualifications For An MBBS:

at the Nanjing Medical University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, with Top Pakistani Physicians doing their Ph.D. They serve as a true source of inspiration for Pakistani college students studying medicine and surgery in China, where Ria Overseas has a special consultation relationship with Nanjing Medical University.

When applying for MBBS admission in China, the student must be fully aware of the requirements. Thus, the following are the important details:

The candidate must be 17 years old before the date of admission. The candidate cannot be older than 25 years old.

For admission to the MBBS program in China, the applicant must pass the 12th-grade test or any other exam that is similar. The candidate must receive at least 50% on this exam in order to be eligible to apply for the course. The candidate must receive more than 60% in science classes.

The candidate must have taken physics, chemistry, and biology in high school or a test of equal standing.

It is necessary to pass the MDCAT exam.

The candidate must possess a current passport.

Examine the requirements for documents for MBBS admission in China:

You will obviously need to finish some documentation requirements to be admitted to the MBBS program at an accredited Chinese university. Details regarding the various documents that students will need to submit are listed below:

the birth certificate copy. You must notarize this copy.

The applicant must present their credentials for the 10th and 12th grades as well as their grade-point averages.

A report of HIV test submission is required.

Also, the candidate must provide 10 passport-size photos.

The aspirant must also submit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs documentation from New Delhi. These papers need to be notarized.

The invitation letter from the university where the candidate plans to undertake the course must also be sent.

Furthermore, the need is a letter of authorization from the Pakistani Embassy.

Also, the aspirant must present their school record.

The applicant will need to provide all the paperwork attesting to their good character and lack of criminal history.

The candidate will need to produce the bank receipt for the first-year fee in the case of Universities.

To demonstrate that they are in top health, candidates must also provide a medical certificate.

The applicant must possess a current passport.

The candidate must also submit any additional documentation that the authorities need in addition to those listed above.

Look at the MBBS admissions procedure in China:

For Pakistani students interested in studying medicine, the admissions process is extremely straightforward. Examine the crucial steps in the admissions procedure:

The applicant’s first task is to complete the online application form. The applicant must ensure that he completes the form and that all of the information he provides is accurate.

The aspirant must then gather all required submission documentation. The application form must be submitted with these supporting papers.

The applicant will receive a letter of confirmation once the materials have been submitted.

The candidate must pay the tuition for the MBBS program in China upon receiving the confirmation letter.

The student can then apply for a visa to China once the payment has been made successfully. It will take a few days for the visa to be processed.

The candidate can simply travel to China to pursue his dream of studying MBBS after he has received his visa.

Why one of the finest possibilities for Pakistani students is to pursue an MBBS degree in China?

Students from Pakistan must choose to study medicine in China. Many factors will persuade students that they must enroll in this course in China.

There are 45 medical universities in China that have received the Medical Council of Pakistan’s permission, which should be highlighted.

Anywhere accepts medical degrees from these universities. With this MBBS degree, a Pakistani student may practice medicine in Pakistan.

Students have access to some of the best facilities and the best infrastructure.

Education in China is of a very high level.

Although obtaining a Chinese visa is not particularly challenging, you must make sure that all the necessary processes are completed.

The pupils will adore China because it is a fantastic place. The Chinese government will provide them with all the assistance they require.

The best, most affordable education with the highest international standards is offered in China.

China has a low crime rate and is a secure nation.

The admissions procedure is simple.

You will discover that China’s cost of MBBS education is reasonable when compared to other nations.

Thus, if you’ve been considering whether it’s worthwhile to pursue an MBBS in China. After considering the aforementioned advice, we are confident that you will agree that it is worthwhile to pay for this country’s MBBS program.

Below is a comparison of the costs for the MBBS program at several universities worldwide:


Budget for Universities in Pakistani Rupees


independent medical schools

Around 65 lakhs


American International University

More than 75 lakh MBBS graduates from Ukraine studied at postgraduate institutions in the United States

About all universities

between 40 and 50 lakhs

China Grade A Medical University of China around 30 to 40 lakhs

Russia A+ for Pirogov Russian NRM University Between thirty and forty lakhs

A-rated Jilin University in China

around 30 to 40 lakhs

China Jiangsu University in the 30 to 40 lakh range with an A+ rating

Ukraine Bukovinian State Medical University, grade A around 20 to 30 lakhs

Ukraine LVIV Medical University, grade A around 20 to 30 lakhs

Russia Crimean Federal University is rated A. 15 to 20 lakhs

Kazakhastan + FMGE

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 10 to 15 lakhs


University of Lodz 40 to 60 lakhs

Look at the list of Universities in China:

There are several MBBS Universities in China. These Universities have been given grades like A+, A, B, etc. If you want to earn a degree from the greatest University, then it is always advisable to select for A or A+ Universities. For details about the different Universities that offer the best medical education in China, you can get in touch with the experts of Ria Overseas.

Here is a list of the A and A+ Universities. You will also find details about the eligibility criteria, application deadline, and course fees in each of these Universities. It is always better to choose Top Ranked Medical Universities in China for MBBS.

University Name              Application Deadline      Eligibility criteria for Pakistani Students  Total Fees in Pakistani Rupees

Nanjing Medical University (A+ Grade)  

30th June            85% in PCB in 12th Std or 70% in PCB in ICSE or CBSE      

Rs 17,00,000/-

Huazhong University(A+ Grade)

30th June            80% in PCB in 12th and above 250 in MDCAT           

Rs 24,00,000/-

China Medical University(A+ Grade)       

30th June            85% in PCB in 12th Std or 70% in PCB in ICSE or CBSE      

Rs 24,00,000/-

Jiangsu University(A-Grade)        15th July              80% in PCB in 12th Std   Rs 17,00,000/-

Jilin Medical University(A-Grade)              15th July              75% in PCB in 12th Std   Rs 14,50,000/-

Capital Medical University(A-Grade)        15th April            70% in PCB in 12th Std   Rs 22,80,000/-

Fees for MBBS Study University Wise:

Give below are the details of 3 top medical colleges in China. These Universities provide quality education, and they have some of the best facilities.

 University Name               Jiangsu University          China Medical University              Nanjing Medical University

Course Fees In Pakistani Rupees 4.10 lakhs per year          5.99 lakhs per year          4.20 lakhs per year

Course Duration               5 years 6 years 5 years

Date of application          Before 10th July                Before 15th July                Before 30th June

Is MBBS study eligible for scholarships?

The financial budget is one of the main obstacles that many students face. Money, however, shouldn’t be the factor that prevents a talented student from completing his MBBS degree.

One of the benefits of studying MBBS in China is the possibility of receiving scholarships, which will make it simpler for the student to finish his medical training. In this nation, there are numerous medical universities that provide scholarships to students. The Universities and the Chinese Government will decide on the scholarship amount. The award will assist with paying for things like tuition, room & board, and other expenses.

Not only universities, but some of China’s best medical schools also award scholarships to students who perform well in their coursework and frequently attend class. The scholarship award may total 50,000 Yuan. Scholarships for first-year students are available for up to 20,000 Yuan. Naturally, all of this will depend on the student’s abilities and academic success.

Want to know about the PG Choices after MBBS in China?

Many students who have completed their MBBS education in China will not want to stop. They will want to choose advanced coursework. The students may pursue an MD or MS in the USA after completing their MBBS program in China. It should be highlighted that this postgraduate degree is accepted in Pakistan as well as the USA. Moreover, students have the option of pursuing an MD/MS in Germany. One may also consider the possibility of earning an MD from one of China’s Leading Medical Institutions.

Let’s examine the Potential Careers After MBBS Training:

Now that we have completed the MBBS program at one of the top MBBS Universities in China, let’s look at the employment options.

The candidates can enroll in a graduate program in China, Germany, or the USA.

Some students choose to enroll in an MBA program after earning their MBBS. This will greatly expand the students’ professional options.

The candidate can pass the MCI screening test after earning their MBBS from China.

Also, the students can work in China’s private healthcare industry and in hospitals.

In China, one may open a medical practice.

One may even return to Pakistan and open a medical practice there.

Time to learn about the MBBS Syllabus now:

You must first keep in mind that the curriculum is based on the European educational system. The Chinese MBBS curriculum covers all 19 of the subjects that are taught in this medical program in Pakistan. Most Chinese universities and colleges follow nearly identical curricula. Remembering that they would have to take the MCI screening test after they return to Pakistan is a very crucial reminder for Pakistani students.

There are in each of the 9 semesters, which are split into two halves.

The clinical subjects will be covered in the last five semesters, whereas the foundational medical subjects will be covered in the first four.

topics covered throughout the first half of the semester

Second-semester courses offered in these subjects

Anatomy Medicine








Pregnancy and gynecology



Community Health



VD and skin

Mental health and forensics


Advantages of Studying MBBS in China for Pakistani Students:

Let’s now concentrate on the benefits of studying MBBS in China. The advantages listed below will persuade you that studying MBBS in China is worthwhile if you are still on the fence about it.

The Medical Council of Pakistan accepts the MBBS degree earned from various Chinese universities.

Organizations like UNESCO, WHO, and others recognize the MBBS and MD degrees awarded by universities.

The applicants are not required to take any entrance exams. The admissions procedure is straightforward.

In China, there is no gift needed to be admitted to a reputable university.

Students get access to innovative medical equipment.

The hospitals’ infrastructure is sound.

The expense of education is minimal, and it is of excellent quality.

opportunity to complete an internship with some of the top and most prestigious businesses

Students receive quality practical instruction that aids in the development of their skill sets.