Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry Class 11 (CBSE): The Ultimate Guide For Every Student

Chemistry is an important subject that studies matter’s structure, composition, and properties. From classrooms to daily life, we are surrounded by chemistry. Havings said that it is important to refer to a rich book for a good understanding of the subject.

Modern ABC Chemistry Class 11 is the ultimate guide for students. The information provided and the book is accurate. The book has detailed practical experiments with defined theories. The concepts are explained to the core, and the topics covered are according to the CBSE curriculum.

About Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry Class 11 (CBSE)

Modern ABC Chemistry Class 11 is a practical book by S. Kiran and Kavya. The book is published under Modern Publishers. The book is specially crafted by the subject experts for the students of Class 11 CBSE to ace every Chemistry exam. The book is the ultimate guide to scoring well in exams and understanding the concepts thoroughly.

The book covers multiple practical experiments demonstrated with the help of simple visual illustrations. This helps the students to enhance their analytical and observation skills. Each practical comes with explained theories and procedures to carry it on. Additionally, the ‘Viva-Voice’ section is specially made to prepare the students for upcoming tests.

How Class 11 Modern ABC Chemistry Can Help You Excel?

● Before performing any experiment, it is essential to know its theory. The book explains the theories in an easy-to-read language.

● All the necessary chemical formulas for Class 11 are mentioned in the book.

● The book provides various types of procedures for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

● All information provided in the book follows the newly prescribed syllabus by the Central Board of Secondary Education to keep the students updated with the latest information.

● The subject experts have carefully written the book for the students to understand the concepts and perform the experiments successfully.

● The book also provides suggested projects to spark curiosity among students. This allows the students to have hands-on knowledge of each topic.

● In any experiment, using the exemplary apparatus is important. Therefore, the book explains each apparatus and its uses.

● The book covers viva questions and answers in the ‘Viva-Voice’ section to prepare the students for the viva exam. This helps in boosting the confidence of the students.

● The ‘NCERT Discussion Question’ provides solutions to NCERT questions.

● The book provides safety guidelines and measures in case any accident happens in the lab.

● Each formula is well-explained and simplified in the book.

Important Concepts Explained In Modern ABC Chemistry Class 11

Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry Class 11 defines and explains every topic under the CBSE curriculum. Here are some important concepts explained in the book:


The topic of hydrocarbons falls under organic chemistry. These are organic compounds that have both hydrogen and carbon. This compound is found in crude oil, natural gas and coal. Here, you will learn about nomenclature, preparation structure, isomerism, and physical and chemical properties of alkanes, alkynes and hydrocarbons.


It is a branch of chemistry that studies the movements of an electron in a reduction or oxidation at a polarised electrode surface. The book explains the relationship between chemical changes and electric energy. Here, you will learn about electrochemical cells and their types, electrolytic cells, Faraday’s Law of electrolysis, and more.  

Chemical Kinetics

Chemical kinetics fall under physical chemistry. It helps students understand different chemical reactions. Therefore, it is also known as reaction kinetics. The book is designed to make learning easy. It covers all important topics, such as the rate of formation and disappearances, average and instantaneous rate, factors affecting the reaction rate, etc., in simplified language and with the help of visual illustrations.

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Haloalkanes and haloarenes are hydrocarbons with one or more hydrogen atoms replaced by halogen atoms. It is proven that visual illustrations aid memory and learning; thus, the book provides formulas and diagrams whenever possible. You will mainly learn about the classification of haloalkanes and haloarenes under this topic.

 Alcohols, Phenols, And Ethers

Alcohols, phenols, and ethers fall under organic compounds. Here, you will learn how to classify alcohol, phenol, and others depending on the number of hydroxyl groups attached. Each classified type is well explained in the book. The differences among the three are also detailed in Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry Class 11.


Modern ABC Chemistry Class 11 (CBSE) is available in English paperback. It prepares students for board exams and entrance exams while giving in-depth knowledge of the subject. Topics are explained with diagrams to help the students understand the concepts from the core.