Monstera Deliciosa: A Comprehensive Care and Growing Guide

Monstera Deliciosa is an eminently popular indoor plant for people opting to bliss out their office space or to enhance interest in an empty corner of your residence. 

When planted in an indoor space, not only does it enhance the appearance of your place, but it also serves certain significant beneficiaries for us. For instance, The aerial roots and waxy leaves of Monstera Deliciosa aid in soaking the humidity in the air, enabling you to keep a moisture content check. Moreover, it acts as an odour remover by absorbing any foul smell. Also, it purifies the air by removing all the toxic substances existing in the air.

All About Monstera Deliciosa Plant To Know before Buying Plants Online 

Monstera Deliciosa also known as split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant is a big leafy foliage and is a houseplant, native to the rain forests of Central America. Besides, this also hails from tropical regions of southern Mexico to Panama. It is an evergreen tropical plant that attaches itself with long aerial roots. With natural glossy, segmented and perforated leaves, from thick green stems the adult leaves can grow up to 90 cm in length. 

Growing Tips for Monstera Deliciosa

  • Climate

Monstera Delicious can be best grown in tropical climates, mostly in partial shades and indoors. Although it is very adaptable and can grow in almost every climate except in extremely cold conditions. 

  • Soil 

To grow Monstera, a moist, well-drained and humus-rich soil is preferred. Further, you will require a pH kit to monitor the pH level of the soil, which should range between 5.5-7 for better growth.

  • Preparing Potting Mix

Always use a premium standard potting mix for Monstera plants into plants. Furthermore, to maintain growth you will need to re-pot the plant into a larger pot in a span of every two years. A large moss pole, totem, or supportive structure will be needed for the aerial roots and thick stems to grow. During spring and summer, try to keep the plant well-watered. Do not forget to allow drying off the potting mix amidst every watering.

Caring Tips for Monstera Deliciosa

  • Sunlight

Monstera Deliciosa can thrive in low light, thereby it prefers bright indirect sunlight. Avoid placing your Monstera in too much direct sunlight as it might burn the leaves. Also, keep it away from harsh, unfiltered sunlight coming through the windows. In order to encourage lush growth, set this indoor plant in direct sunlight at least once a year. 

  • Temperature : 

We are caring for a rainforest plant, so we will need to provide rainforest-like conditions here. Monstera Deliciosa grows well in an optimum temperature between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Try not to let the temperature drop below 60 degrees.  

  • Humidity

For the humidity, 60% is the ideal level, but you can manage by keeping it above 50%. This might be challenging for those people residing in arid climates. But certain tricks might help you in increasing the humidity level. For instance, you can purchase a humidifier and place it in a humidity tray near your plant. 

  • Watering Needs

Monstera Deliciosa will do okay when evenly moist but it might experience root rot and eventually die if overwatered. The frequency of watering your Monstera will depend on the size and shape of the pot, the amount of light, humidity and the soil substrate you used in. Generally, you should water less in higher humidity, low light, and less aerated, thicker soil. Water more in low humidity, higher light and chunky soil. 

The Verdict

Monstera Deliciosa is an iconic and perfect plant for beginner-friendly and intermediate plant parents who are thinking about to order plants online. It’s beautiful, beneficial and striking in any place.