Paella is the most popular dish in Spain

When a family prepares paella, they use only the freshest available ingredients to create a wonderful dish that has been cooked in a traditional paella pan, which resembles a frying pan with holes in it. It is cooked over hot coals and the flavor is enhanced by the heat, rather than with oil. In order to make the best paella, it is important to use the right ingredients, particularly meat and seafood. This will ensure that your family enjoys a good meal that represents their culture.

This dish is a great way to impress guests, and this can be done by adding fresh local ingredients from your region. Another way to make the best paella is to Paella corporate catering add herbs and vegetables that are unique to your home town or region. Paella is a perfect dish for entertaining, as it is easy to cook and will leave your guests amazed.

Paella is the most popular dish in Spain. In fact, the word paella means ‘pan’ and refers to the pan that is used to cook it. The first paella was prepared over 7,000 years ago by the prehistoric man in the Valencian community. This dish is popular for its unique flavor and taste. Today, people all over the world prepare the paella and consume it at home. People usually make their own paella at home and eat it with bread and salad.