Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel Review

The Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel is a popular choice among anglers who are seeking a high-quality, reliable fishing reel. With its durable construction and smooth operation, this reel is designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features and performance of the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel, providing you with an in-depth analysis to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel showcases a sturdy and robust construction. The reel features a lightweight graphite frame and side plates, ensuring excellent strength without compromising on weight. This combination of materials results in a reel that is both durable and easy to handle. The metal frame rings contribute to its overall durability, allowing it to handle the pressure of large catches and challenging fishing conditions without flexing or warping.

Furthermore, the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel is designed to be corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for saltwater angling adventures. The reel is equipped with stainless steel bearings and a stainless steel main shaft, which are crucial components in preventing rust and ensuring smooth operation even after repeated exposure to saltwater. This corrosion resistance feature enhances the longevity of the reel and ensures that it performs optimally for years to come.


Smooth Drag System:

One of the standout features of the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel is its smooth drag system. The reel utilizes the Dura-Drag system, which consists of a series of carbon fiber washers that provide consistent and reliable drag performance. This system allows anglers to exert the precise amount of pressure on the fish, preventing sudden line breaks and giving anglers greater control over their catch. The smooth and consistent drag of the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel is essential when battling with powerful game fish, as it minimizes the risk of the line snapping and improves the chances of landing a trophy catch.

Lever Drag System:

The lever drag system on the Penn Squall Reel is a game-changer. With an adjustable lever, anglers can easily switch between different drag settings, allowing them to adapt to various fishing conditions. The lever is conveniently positioned, making it effortless to engage and disengage during intense fishing moments. This feature allows anglers to quickly adjust the drag tension without having to take their eyes off the water, providing a seamless and efficient fishing experience.

Gear Ratio & Line Capacity

The Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel offers a versatile gear ratio, providing anglers with the flexibility to adjust their retrieval speed according to the fishing technique and target species. The reel is available in various models, offering different gear ratios to suit specific angling preferences. Whether you prefer a high-speed retrieve for quickly covering water or a lower gear ratio for increased torque when battling large fish, the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel has you covered.

Additionally, the line capacity of the reel is impressive, enabling anglers to spool ample line to tackle long-distance casts or handle big fish. The reel’s capacity to hold a significant amount of line ensures that anglers have the necessary backing to target a wide range of species and fishing scenarios.


The Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel is built to withstand the demands of saltwater fishing. The combination of a robust graphite frame, stainless steel gears, and corrosion-resistant materials ensures its longevity even when subjected to harsh saltwater environments. The reel’s construction is designed to resist flexing and warping under heavy loads, allowing it to handle the pressure of large and hard-fighting fish. Whether you’re targeting offshore species or angling in rough conditions, you can rely on the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel to withstand the test of time and endure frequent use without compromising its performance.

Comfort & Handling

Ergonomic Handle:

The reel features an ergonomic handle design, providing anglers with a comfortable and secure grip during extended fishing sessions. The handle is large enough to accommodate different hand sizes, ensuring a firm hold and minimizing fatigue. The ergonomics of the handle contribute to the overall comfort and control, allowing anglers to fish for prolonged periods without experiencing discomfort or strain.

Power Knob:

The inclusion of a power knob is another noteworthy aspect of the Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel. The oversized knob allows for easy and precise control, particularly when reeling in large fish or battling against strong currents. The soft-touch rubber coating on the knob enhances grip and reduces slippage, further enhancing the reel’s overall handling. The power knob provides anglers with the confidence and leverage needed to exert maximum pressure on a fish during critical moments.

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