Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “dream wedding”? While it’s quite subjective, you might be thinking of lavish, grand ballroom weddings, with gold and diamond decors, four-tier cakes, and luxurious honeymoons. You may also take inspiration from the rustic weddings seen on Pinterest, set in picturesque outdoor locations and adorned with vivid flowers. 

While there’s no problem in making your dream wedding come true, we can agree that it’s not worth getting broke over. 

Many modern weddings have become too focused on the superficial and the theatrics of it — the IG-worthy decorations, celebrity-approved hair and makeup, and the romanticised speeches and entertainment. They measure the wedding’s success, not on their genuine happiness but on other people’s reception. 

Sadly, many couples would choose not to get married until they’ve finally saved up for that big day. Others, on the other hand, go through financial struggles to make it possible. 

Is it possible to plan a beautiful yet budget-friendly wedding in 2023? 

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

Yes, absolutely. 

But first, let’s be reminded of the things that truly matter: to stand in front of the altar with the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with and to have your favourite people witness the start of your first chapter as a married couple.

Having that mindset, it will be easier to plan an affordable yet memorable wedding. In this article, we’ll share a couple of tips to help you. 

1. Consider cheaper alternative wedding venues

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

If you’re fine with a non-traditional wedding venue, you may go for some of the most beautiful yet affordable outdoor wedding locations. These include beaches, flower or botanical gardens, lakeside venues, and other similar nature spots. You can even consider venues that aren’t listed as wedding venues, which often come at a lower cost. 

Is your heart set on a church wedding? Instead of getting married in famous landmark churches, consider using a smaller, more intimate local church or chapel. 

2. Have both ceremony and reception in one wedding venue

Another trick to cut costs is to have both your ceremony and reception in one place. Aside from saving money, finding a place that serves both can help make your planning process easier. 

No need to worry about getting from point A to B — you and your guests can relax on your big day during the transition. 

3. Pick a venue that has it all…like hotels

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

Next to picking a wedding venue that can do both, consider locations that can bundle everything you need at one rate. These include catering, lights and sounds, decorations, accommodation, transportation, and the use of dressing rooms for preparation. 

When it comes to all-inclusive packages, nothing beats a hotel wedding venue. Hotels have ceremony spaces and separate reception areas, allowing for the same change of scenery without the hassle. 

4. Timing is the key

The wedding season usually runs from June to September. During this peak season, you can expect most wedding venues to have scarce availability and even price surges. The same goes for weekend weddings. 

With this, we suggest you book early and avoid such peak seasons. Your wedding venue might give you some leverage to negotiate a lower rate if you fill their bookings during less busy times. 

5. Get flowers that are in season 

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

A sunflower-themed wedding might look amazing in pictures, but you might end up overspending if your favourite flowers are out of season. Research the flowers that bloom all year round, and how you can make them work for your wedding aesthetic. 

6. DIY your wedding invitations, favours, and decors

After laying out the wedding essentials to allocate most of your budget into, see if you can DIY some of the less important details. 

Think about doing your own wedding invitations, favours or souvenirs, and decorations. You’d be surprised how easy it is to DIY these elements yet cost so much when you hire someone to do them for you. Consider creating your own music playlist too instead of hiring a performer unless live music is a priority. 

7. Ask friends to exchange skills for presents

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

Would you rather receive a coffee machine you already have or ask your talented friend to sing at your wedding or do your makeup? I’d prefer the latter. 

If you’ve been blessed to personally know a pastry chef, florist, musician, or event host, ask if they’re willing to help you out and share their skills. You’ll take the stress out of them in terms of picking the perfect gift. Plus, you’ll get an extra set of hands to help you out — a win-win situation!

8. We’ve saved the best for last: Trim your guest list

<strong>Planning a Simple, Budget-friendly Wedding in 2023? 8 Hacks to Consider</strong>

Truth be told: every guest is an expense, and the shorter the guest list, the cheaper your wedding will be. 

A big chunk of your wedding budget would be allocated to the reception. — wedding venue, food and drinks, tables and chairs, and more. By limiting your guest list to only a few people, you’ll have the flexibility to rent a smaller venue, need fewer supplies, and lower your catering costs. 

Look at it from a different perspective: less is sometimes more. Trimming your guest list allows you to focus on quality rather than quantity, and that applies to everything including the people you invite. Think about sharing your special day with only the most remarkable people in your life in a more intimate setting. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a passionate lifestyle writer who spends most of her time writing poems, songs, short stories, and informative blogs. She may be hopeless romantic but she’s got some straightforward pieces of advice about love, wedding planning, hotel weddings, and more.  To know more about hotel weddings and venues, you may visit Osprey Weddings