Reasons service b Mercedes are so expensive in Dubai

Service b Mercedes is the German manufacturer of luxury cars. Additionally, it’s a reliable name for top-quality, high-performance vehicles. What is the reason that oil changes at Mercedes-Benz seem costly? A single oil change costs somewhere between $200 and $300 but you can avail that service from other luxury brands such as Lexus for only a fraction of the price, service b mercedes.

The Reasons Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes are Expensive:

You can reduce the cost in a substantial way by doing the oil change at home. However, that’s a different story. We will determine the reason for the services being priced too high.

Quality of the Oil:

All vehicles made in Germany utilize fuels that conform to European (ACEA) specifications, with the rating of A3/B3 or A3/B4. These are synthetic oils that are more expensive than conventional motor oils. Mercedes vehicles go one step further, and need fuel that is compatible with Mercedes 229.5 standards. Therefore, the price of fuel is a factor in the cost of Mercedes-Benz oil change.

Higher Fuel Capacity:

The fuel tanks of most German cars are more spacious than those made in Japan as well as in the United States, and other countries. When you require more oil to fill your tank, price rises.

Different Oil Changing Method:

It is necessary to remove the oil from the pan prior to the time to change your oil on your vehicle. However the process for the process for a Mercedes vehicle requires emptying the oil from the engine. This process requires the expertise of a specialist and expensive vacuum equipment, which adds to the overall cost.

Extra Services:

A change in oil is not only changing the oil. The mechanic will inspect several components of the car, including the oil filter and fuel filters and cupe filter, and replace the filters if necessary. These filters should be replaced and checked every year at least. In addition, you must consider the costs of replacing the blades on your wipers and wheel rotations, car washes and other labor, service b mercedes.


A visit through an official dealer to get Mercedes-Benz engine replacements will cost more than if you go to the Indy shop. The dealer will charge more since they must pay more on shop maintenance, and the salaries of a swarm of highly educated and skilled technicians. Furthermore, finding a reputable shop can be a challenge and doesn’t ensure highest quality of service the dealer provides.

Is There Any Way to Reduce the Costs?

The car should be taken to an independent service workshop or altering the oil yourself is the best option. You shouldn’t be concerned about the expensive Mercedes-Benz oil change. It is economical when compared to the cost of changing the oil in cars from different models. The majority of drivers travel around 12,000 miles in a year. The average vehicle requires an oil change every 3000 to 5,000 miles, which is about four oil changes in one year. However you won’t have to change it more than twice per year for the Mercedes-Benz because they make use of high-quality synthetic oils and their fuel tank is larger.

Pay attention to the amount of your bill:

You may have noticed that the cost of oil makes up the majority of the total Mercedes-Benz engine oil change costs. For a high-performance engine found is found in Mercedes-Benz, Mobil 10W/40 synthetic oil is needed at between 7 and 9 Liters per change of oil on a single engine. You will need to take a bite out of your wallet to pay between 8 and 12 dollars for a liter and the price of oil varies in accordance with the specifications of your engine.

This costs a lot too. A paper filter that is cheap instead or a fleece filter can lower the total Mercedes-Benz oil change cost, but it is not advised.

The final factor is that your Mercedes-Benz engine’s age will determine the type of oil that you will have to replace. For instance, all the modern engines, including supercharged or turbo engines, require fully synthetic oil such as Mobil 1 while older engines require oil derived from minerals for running. Every driver should not alter their synthetic oil to match the old generation of Mercedes-Benz engines.