Reasons to choose food truck catering

The food truck is a growing trend in the country. One of its advantages is its versatility and originality. In addition, it can be adapted to any social or corporate event and even to sports competitions, as it offers a very wide gastronomic variety.

What are food trucks?

Food trucks are restaurant trucks, that is, vehicles that have been conditioned to be able to prepare food in the middle of the street. They come in different sizes and complexities. Thus, while some serve precooked or frozen meals, others prepare fresh, tasty, and nutritious food in their kitchen.

Food trucks have been well-known as fast food outlets for many decades. But, nowadays, Food truck catering Ontario serves a wide variety of food that doesn’t have to be just fast food. More and more chefs are bringing haute cuisine to the street level, so you can also enjoy a gourmet meal with them without entering a restaurant.

What meals are provided by a food truck?

At first, you may think that a food truck will limit the type of food you can offer at your event. However, this is wrong. What food can you offer your guests in a food truck?

  • Sandwiches and snacks. It gives the possibility of elaborating an infinity of presentations and fillings. In addition, they can be hot or cold and are perfect, for example, for a wedding reception.
  • Asian food. It is light and healthy, and fashionable. It can be the original touch you need for a corporate event. Who can resist ramen, chicken curry, or sushi?
  • Pizza. Italian food never disappoints. You can put more or less cheese, which can be made in mini size, or bet on other varieties such as paninis, calzones… Some popular pizza toppings include various meats such as pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, or ham, as well as vegetables like mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, olives, and tomatoes. For those seeking a spicier kick, jalapeños or chili flakes are often added. Additionally, pineapple, though a divisive choice, has earned its place as a staple topping in certain parts of the world.
  • Salads. For some time now, Hawaiian pokes have become very popular. Mix rice with a marinated fish protein (tuna, salmon, octopus…), add vegetables, and a powerful dressing. It is highly versatile and acclaimed by healthy food enthusiasts.
  • Burgers and hot dogs. They are a classic, everyone likes them, and they can be of good quality. Today, the accompaniments and condiments for this type of food are incredible.
  • Mexican food. Fajitas, tacos, burritos… If you want a theme party, remember that the food must accompany it.

In addition to all these options, you cannot forget the tortillas, empanadas, crêpes, meat skewers, kebabs, cupcakes, and much more. And Catering kitchener waterloo can be used as an incredible cocktail bar.

Benefits of renting a food truck for events

At company meetings, weddings, birthdays, sporting events… Renting a food truck for events is a success. 

  • Differentiation. At any event, attendees expect traditional catering, but with a food truck, you will surprise them.
  • High-level marketing. The initial surprise will give a lot to talk about and make it easy for your guests to remember the event.
  • It says a lot about you. Your bet indicates creativity and innovation. It offers a unique image at corporate events or on a special day.
  • Originality. Here you have an elegant but vintage touch that few (almost no one) can resist. Also, if you want the event to have a lot of visibility, the food truck is perfect for capturing those unique images.
  • Practical and economical. With a service like this, you need to remember the waiters. This means that you can invest more in the type and quality of food you will offer. Also, the food goes on wheels if you go to the countryside to do a corporate sporting event or a sports championship.

Types of Food trucks to choose from.

When offering a service of this type and taking a restaurant or food truck to a celebration. Whether for a festival, a shoot, or another event, you can choose the type of food and truck you want. As well as the number of employees, the tasks to be developed and carried out, etc.

Although, as you always say, the limit is your imagination, and they will try to satisfy you and meet your expectations. That is why you can choose many other options. The best-known or most iconic are Catering truck. This includes:

  • From hot dogs to hamburgers.
  • Chips.
  • Sausages.
  • Other similar appetizers.
  • Another example could be the candy truck and waffles.

You can also opt for a restaurant truck where various dishes and personalized menus can be prepared and served. This option is ideal for slightly more elegant events or those aimed at a public interested in a healthier and more traditional diet. In this way, Food catering truck offers a wide variety of options, and the possibilities will be endless.

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