Rethink Vs. SimplePractice: the most sought-after guide

Clinical programming, appointment scheduling, and insurance billing are just a few of the tools that help you know for sure that your practice is running smoothly. It’s excellent that SimplePractice and Rethink both offer all these capabilities. Which software is best for you, and how do they deliver these services? Look at it now.

What is Rethink EHR Software?

For the ABA (applied behavioral health) industry and pediatric therapy providers, a cloud-based platform called Rethink Behavioral Health was developed. By automating a variety of laborious procedures, the software enables healthcare personnel to be more organized.

Rethink EHR Features

Simplified Scheduling

Rethink simplifies administrative tasks and streamlines scheduling for the entire practice. The software automatically seeks for the most convenient appointment times while taking into consideration the requirements of the insurance plan, the preferences of the doctor, and the availability of the patient.

Smart Portal

Rethink Software’s parent portal gives families quick, easy access to their child’s medical details. Parents may easily review the medical histories or activity summaries of their kids, examine the appointments that are booked, and even create custom alerts to be aware of important developments. Families may manage their accounts from anywhere, thanks to the secure payment processing features of the platform.


Rethink Behavioral Health gives clinicians the ability to manage patient appointments and generate detailed invoices for the services they render. It also offers a system for automatic payments that can quickly manage payments from customers or insurance. Additionally, it might generate billing records that medical professionals and the parents of patients could get.

Rethink EHR Pricing

The price of Rethink software varies depending on what your company wants. They don’t make it available online, so you can get in touch with them for a specific quote.

Rethink EHR Demo

A demo must be scheduled to get a better understanding of the software. Arrange a Rethink demo today.

Rethink EHR Reviews

On a larger scale, reviews reveal that users are 85% satisfied with the software as a result of its simplicity.

What is SimplePractice Software?

To run their businesses and deliver effective service, health and wellness professionals utilize SimplePractice. Through HIPAA-compliant videos, doctors can provide consultations while accessing patient records and previous prescriptions. Users may access notes, scheduling, and billing in one convenient location. It is used in practices for claim administration, graphing, and documentation. It is accessible to users at all times and from any location, even through mobile devices.

SimplePractice Features

Client Portal

Using the specified portal, you can view billing information, medical history, lab results, and more. Online appointment scheduling, messaging, and video chatting with service providers are all options for clients.


From any location, using any device, schedule safe online consultations with clients. Clients receive a link to start a telemedicine appointment without having to create an account or remember a password.

Customer support

Customers can engage in one-on-one video screen sharing and online chat with a support specialist. In order to facilitate the transfer process, this solution also offers practical assistance from a committed staff.

SimplePractice Pricing

The three plans offered by SimplePractice are the Start Plan ($29/month), the Essential Plan ($69/month), and the Plus Plan ($99/month). To view the features included in each package, go to

SimplePractice Demo

Scheduling a demo is textbook knowledge in the field as approaching any software without one is pointless. It offers a free demo.

SimplePractice Reviews

Its straightforward, user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to use and deploy, was praised by every reviewer who highlighted how easy it was to use.  All users who brought up the learning curve agreed that several functionalities needed practice before they could be used effectively.

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Rethink Vs. SimplePractice Software—Final Thoughts

For small to mid-sized clinics and solitary practices, RethinkBH is designed. It can help employees at therapeutic facilities gather ABA data, billing data, and session notes more quickly. Use Rethink’s billing module to create receipts, accept payments, and manage income. To make sure that parents are informed of the most recent treatment breakthroughs for their children, it offers a parent portal for your clients.

SimplePractice has a simple user interface and a full complement of capabilities for organizing daily medical operations. It includes cutting-edge features like telemedicine that complies with HIPAA regulations, a powerful customer interface, and a wide choice of planning and note-taking alternatives like Wiley Planners, pre-built templates, and a personalized form-creation tool. There is a learning curve to master the functions offered, similar to that of many software solutions. The customer service is helpful and cordial. However, many people hoped it provided right away phone support for a more efficient approach.

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