Scary Halloween Food Packaging Design

Halloween’s theme is spooky and scary across the globe and it must be employed in food packaging at that time of the year because of marketing purposes. People love custom packaging boxes specifically designed for such occasions and to eat food items in a frightening box is what really amazes them during Halloween. Therefore, the Scary Halloween Food Packaging Design becomes essential for such brands.

Here are some of the scary Halloween food packaging design ideas for your products.

Memento Mori

Remembering the dead, nothing can help you better market your food products at the time of Halloween than using skull-shaped boxes. They are a perfect option for all food items; not only helping to leave a lasting and eerie impression on your customers but also perfectly protecting the products simultaneously. Memento Moti boxes are made using sturdy cardboard and Kraft materials – best for protecting edibles. You can also employ the use of special PP and PE layers to uplift the barrier properties of your Halloween packaging.


Pumpkin is the most vital element of Halloween theme decorations. People carve real pumpkins to make spooky faces out of them and put them in front of their doors and garden. Just like that, you can take the core idea and implement it in your hallowed-themed food packaging.

Take round-shaped cardboard boxes painted in the yellow/orange color schemes and through die-cutting techniques highlight the spookier impressions i.e., face, teeth, nose, eyes, etc.


Without a doubt, bats are a symbol of darkness, and silence and are always scary. They come out only during nighttime to prey for blood; making it a perfectly creepy and scary creature. So, Bat shaped boxes are best suited for Halloween themes as well. You can amaze your customers this Halloween by presenting your food items in bat-shaped boxes by adding die-cut design techniques. These boxes are seamless for Halloween packaging themes as they not only spook the audience but also work effectively fine to keep the food items free of any harm.

Witch and Broomstick

We all have seen that in horror movies and cartoons, witches fly on their unique yet creepy broomsticks. During the Halloween season, the witch and broomstick theme not only remains a crucial decoration element but also one of the ideas widely used for hallowed themed food packaging.

You can get cardboard boxes tailor-made in any shape and size of your choice and use die-cut printing options to highlight the witchy graphics of your packaging.

These are some of the most popular scary Halloween food packaging designs for your food products.