Sell Your Gift Cards for Instant Payment – Quick and Easy

Do you have a stack of gift cards lying around that you don’t plan on using? Did you know you could turn them into instant cash instead of letting them collect dust in your drawer? Selling gift cards has never been easier, with plenty of online platforms that allow you to sell them for instant payment.

In this blog, we dive into the best places to sell gift cards online instantly, how to get the most value for your unused gift cards, and how to sell your gift cards for instant payment. We also discuss the importance of safety and security when selling your gift cards online and offer tips for staying safe. Lastly, we introduce you to, the top choice for selling gift cards instantly and safely.

Best Places To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

If you have unused gift cards, consider selling them online for instant payment. There are a variety of platforms available to choose from, each with different fees and requirements. Prepaid2Cash and GiftCardBin are two popular options for selling gift cards online. GiftCardBin even has physical locations where you can receive immediate cash payments for your gift cards.

Another user-friendly option is the app Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly, which offers multiple accredited retailers to exchange gift cards for cash. Before choosing a platform, make sure to read the terms and conditions and compare fees to get the best deal for your gift card.

If you’re looking to sell your gift cards for instant payment, there are several reliable options available online. One of the most popular options is, where you can sell gift cards from a variety of popular brands, including Amazon, Best Buy, and iTunes. With, you can enjoy a convenient, secure, and fast way to sell your gift cards online instantly.

Another great option for selling gift cards online is Cash4GiftCardsAmerica, which offers almost instant payment and provides 100% payment assurance. GiftCardBin is also a great option, with 400 partner locations across the US and Canada where you can sell unused gift cards for cash.

QuickcashMI is another easy-to-use website for selling gift cards for various brands. Regardless of which website you choose, selling your gift cards for instant payment has never been easier.

Card Kangaroo

If you’re looking to sell your gift cards online instantly, there are several options available. One of the most popular platforms is Card Kangaroo, which allows you to enter your card information on its website and offers a free shipping label to send the card.

Clip Kard requires users to create an account before they can find out how much their cards are worth and how the payment will be distributed. Gift Card Granny is another great option, as they can help you find the best deals when selling your gift cards online. You can also sell them in person at one of their select retailers.

Our app is also a convenient option if you’re looking to sell gift cards for cash instantly online. We have partnerships with hundreds of retailers, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Whatever platform you decide to use, selling your gift cards online is a quick and easy way to turn unused cards into cash.

Clip Kard

If you’re looking to quickly and easily sell your gift cards online, there are several websites that offer this service instantly. One of these websites is ClipKard, a fast-growing platform that allows users to exchange gift cards online. After registering and filling out a brief form, an offer is sent based on the value of the card. ClipKard also offers a 60-day guarantee on the total value of the card if the customer is not satisfied with the service.

Another great option is CardCash, which allows you to instantly sell and trade in unwanted gift cards for PayPal money. With ClipKard, you can receive payment through PayPal or direct deposit after accepting an offer. Overall, selling your gift cards online through platforms like ClipKard and CardCash can be a convenient and hassle-free way to get instant payment for your unwanted gift cards.

One of the most popular websites for selling gift cards online instantly is The site accepts more than 4,000 brands, allowing users to set their own prices for their gift cards, and select from three payout options, including check by mail (for a $30 fee), ACH deposit, or PayPal.

While the process of selling a gift card on is more involved than other sites and requires creating an account and going through a verification process, the potential payout can be worth the extra effort.

However, if maximizing returns is your priority, CardCash may be a better option, as they offer up to 92% of the cash value of the card. Whatever your needs, there are several reliable and trustworthy sites that offer quick and easy ways to sell your gift cards for instant payment.


One of the best places to sell your unwanted gift cards online for PayPal money instantly is CardCash. This website offers up to 92% of the initial value of the gift cards and has the largest selection of discounted gift cards available. Additionally, CardCash has a small verification fee instead of a large seller fee, making it a more affordable option for those looking to sell their gift cards. With CardCash, you can quickly receive your funds, providing a convenient solution for those looking to turn their unwanted gift cards into cash. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy way to sell your gift cards, CardCash may be the perfect choice for you.

Get Cash Instantly for Your Gift Cards

If you have gift cards lying around that you don’t plan to use, you can turn them into cash by selling them instead. There are several online marketplaces like Gift Cash and Cash4GiftCardsAmerica that let you sell your unwanted gift cards for cash instantly. All you need to do is state the brand, balance, card number, and pin, and select a selling price.

For faster transactions, you can download the Cash4GiftCardsAmerica app. While Cash4GiftCardsAmerica pays almost instantly, new customers may need to wait a bit longer. Another popular method is to convert physical gift cards to digital ones, which can be sold more easily. With these simple methods, you can transform your unwanted gift cards into cash within minutes.

Popular Places to Sell Your Gift Cards

If you have a bunch of gift cards laying around that you won’t use, there are a couple of popular places that you can sell them. Prepaid2Cash is one of the top choices that accept various gift cards, including iTunes, steam, and google play. Other popular gift card options include those from grocery stores, entertainment stores, local restaurants, cell phone companies, and prepaid cards.

Once the gift card is sold, you can get paid via direct deposit or Paypal. Do your research to see which places offer the best rate for the gift cards you have and what payment options work the best for your situation. Selling unused gift cards is a quick and easy way to get instant payment for things you might not use, so why not make the most of them?

Get the Most Value for Your Unused Gift Cards

Don’t let unused gift cards go to waste – get the most value for them by considering a gift card exchange or resale. If you return gift cards to the issuing retailer, you could get up to 90% of the card’s value. However, if you prefer cash, selling them to GiftCash can get you up to 92% of the value in cash, depending on the retailer and card type.

GiftCash offers instant payments via Paypal or direct deposit. Another option is to trade your gift card for goods and services with other gift card holders or even exchange them for cryptocurrency. By taking advantage of these options, you can ensure that your unused gift cards are put to good use and can even put some extra cash in your pocket.

How to Sell Your Gift Cards for Instant Payment?

Have unwanted gift cards but need some extra cash? You can quickly and easily sell them for instant payment through online gift card exchange sites like EJ Gift Cards or using gift card exchange kiosks. These platforms offer a convenient way to sell your gift cards and receive payment either through PayPal or direct deposit. When selecting the platform, consider the one that offers the most money with the quickest turnaround time.

At an online gift card exchange site, enter the gift card brand name and face value to get the payment through PayPal. With gift card exchange kiosks, insert the card into the kiosk and receive a quote for how much cash you can get in return. It’s an easy way to turn unwanted gift cards into money in your pocket.

Safety and Security When Selling Your Gift Cards Online

Selling gift cards online is becoming increasingly popular as it is quick and convenient. However, it is important to consider safety and security measures when choosing a platform to sell your gift card on. Look for a reputable gift card platform that has a secure payment system in place. Digital gift certificate systems that offer multiple payment options and daily deal promotions are a great option to consider.

Platforms like CardSell verifies the gift card before providing an offer and depositing the cash in a PayPal account within 48 hours. It’s important to be aware of fees, expiration dates, and other restrictions when using prepaid cards so that you don’t have any surprises later on. While selling gift cards online can be a hassle-free process, choosing the right platform to sell them on can make all the difference in terms of a smooth transaction and ensuring that your personal information remains secure.

Tips for Staying Safe When Selling Your Gift Card

When it comes to selling gift cards, staying safe should be a top priority. To ensure a safe transaction, it is best to use a marketplace that verifies the card balance and provides protection for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, holding on to the gift card for up to 180 days in case the buyer is unable to redeem it is a smart move.

Before using any platform to sell your gift cards online, research the platform carefully. Check review sites like Trustpilot to ensure that the platform has a good reputation for safety and reliability. Consider using a platform that offers instant cash for gift cards to avoid any delay in payment. By following these tips, you can sell your gift cards with peace of mind and confidence.

Why Choose

When it comes to selling gift cards online, there are many websites to choose from. However, Cash for Gift Card stands out for a number of reasons. First, the website is completely free and secure, ensuring that your information is safe. Additionally, offers a competitive return rate, with up to 95% of the gift card’s value being returned to you.

This is a great way to get the most value out of your gift cards. The website also accepts most major gift card brands, with a minimum value of $25 and a maximum of $2,000. Finally, one of the best features of is that you can receive payment instantly in the form of a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. This makes the process of selling your gift cards quick and easy, with no waiting period to receive your payment.


Selling your gift cards for instant payment has never been easier with the advent of online gift card marketplaces. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or scammed. Today, there are several trustworthy and reliable websites to sell gift cards for instant payment. However, it’s crucial to choose the right platform that best suits your needs and provides a fair deal.

At, we provide an easy-to-use platform with unparalleled security features that ensure your payments are made on time, without any hassle. Plus, we offer the highest payouts for your unused gift cards. Want to sell your gift card for cash instantly? Choose