Ski Dubai Offers a Variety of Skiing Lessons For Beginners and Experts

Ski Dubai offers is one of the UAE’s most unique and impressive attractions, boasting an incredible indoor snow park that will surely delight both children and adults. At this venue, visitors can engage in numerous activities, such as skiing and snowboarding lessons, zorb balling, penguin encounters and the March of the Penguins show. Plus, visitors can enjoy fun rides through a Snow Park Pass!


Ski Dubai provides lessons and guidance for a range of snow adventure sports, with instructors having extensive experience and expertise, providing beginners with an invaluable opportunity to improve their skills while more experienced visitors receive guidance in following safe and responsible practices while on the slopes – this ensures everyone’s safety while creating an unforgettable skiing experience!

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai provides lessons as well as many exciting activities for guests to enjoy, such as its large indoor snow park with sled and toboggan runs, climbing towers, an ice cave and giant snowballs for playtime. Riders can also experience various rides like an ice slide or snow bullet for added entertainment!

VOX Cinemas can also be found within the park, offering socially separated lounge seating to watch movies in an icy environment. Plus, during EID booking through Rezeem save 25%!

Penguin Encounters

At Ski Dubai, Gentoo and King Penguins call home. During a 40-minute encounter, your friendly and professional guide will introduce you to these adorable animals while showing them how they frolic and play in their habitat created especially for them.

Penguin Encounters

This package includes admission to Ski Dubai with ski slope and Snow Park tickets; breakfast item at North 28 restaurant; two movie tickets with popcorn and hot chocolate included; as well as free locker rental. Alternatively, upgrade to a premium package and gain access to unlimited rides on Giant Ball, Snow Bullet and Mountain Thriller or unlimited access to snow cinema.

Ski Dubai, an unparalleled indoor ski resort located within the Mall of the Emirates, provides snowy fun all year long. Covered in both synthetic and natural snowfall, its 22500 sq.ft area contains indoor mountains, caves and other attractions designed to bring out the child in all who visit.

Snow Park Exploration

Ski Dubai’s vast indoor snow park provides endless amusement for you and your entire family to enjoy, with activities ranging from sledding down an icy slope to zorbing; so much fun can be had here that hours will pass without you playing with snow! Additionally, there are rides like Mountain Thriller Ride and Snow Bullet Ride available here as well.

Ski Dubai Offers a Variety of Skiing Lessons For Beginners and Experts

Ski Dubai guests can indulge in an assortment of food and beverage offerings at its various restaurants and bars, from hot chocolate at the Ice Cafe to watching movies in an intimate lounge-style environment at Snow Cinema.

Skiing and snowboarding may only be accessible to visitors with prior experience in these sports, however introductory lessons are offered to teach beginners the fundamentals. Experienced participants are also expected to treat novice participants with respect while adhering to rules set by the facility.

Food & Beverages

Ski Dubai’s website regularly updates with discount offers and mobile applications that provide access to their latest promotional deals and events.

At your visit, you will enjoy various dining options to satisfy varying tastes after a day of snow-filled adventures. The resort offers Alpine-themed cafes that serve delicious beverages alongside tasty treats that warm the soul.

People with sophisticated tastes should visit North 28, which offers a delectably indulgent menu of flaming chicken wings, camembert bites and ribs ‘n’ slaw – not to mention stunning views of Snow Park! For quick meals on-the-go you may prefer fast food outlets found throughout the resort or relax at one of VOX Cinemas lounge-style theaters to watch blockbuster movies while saving money by buying tickets online with coupon codes.

Captain Dunes

ūüéŅ Experience the thrill of skiing with exciting offers at Ski Dubai. Hit the slopes, carve through the snow, and feel the rush of adrenaline in this winter wonderland. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Ski Dubai offers a range of packages and discounts to make your skiing adventure even more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience!

Ski Dubai

Experience the ultimate thrill of skiing right in the middle of a desert with Captain Dunes exciting offers at Ski Dubai, nestled within Mall of the Emirates. Ski Dubai provides an enchanting winter wonderland experience unlike any other – perfect for experienced or novice skiers alike, this indoor ski resort caters to all abilities with carefully crafted slopes to satisfy even novices!

Take advantage of Captain Dunes’ exclusive packages to experience an action-packed and thrilling day trip at Ski Dubai, boasting state-of-the-art facilities to provide an enjoyable and safe experience for the whole family. Feel the rush as you glide down its powdery slopes surrounded by real snow! Ski Dubai guarantees an experience all will cherish.

Relax while skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or simply making snowmen at Captain Dunes’ Snow Park with adorable penguins to meet. Don’t miss this unique chance to savor winter in Dubai’s scorching heat with Captain Dunes skiing adventure through Captain Dunes’ Desert Safari Skiing adventure!