Solo Female Travel: Jill Charpia’s Guide to Safe and Adventurous Travel

Are you a female traveler seeking new adventures but worried about safety? Look no further than Jill Charpia, founder of Travel Till You Drop. With over 25 years of experience traveling to over 75 countries, Jill has become an expert in solo female travel. In this article, we will explore Jill’s passion for travel and her top tips for safe and exciting solo female travel.

Jill’s Love for Travel

Jill’s love for travel began at a young age when her parents took her on trips across Europe. These early experiences sparked her interest in exploring new countries and cultures. As she grew older, Jill’s passion for travel only grew stronger. She began traveling alone and found that solo travel allowed her to fully immerse herself in the local culture and make meaningful connections with locals.

The Benefits of Solo Female Travel

Solo female travel has many benefits, including increased confidence, independence, and self-awareness. It allows you to explore new places on your own terms, without having to compromise on your itinerary or travel style. However, safety concerns can often deter women from traveling alone. Jill has encountered her fair share of safety issues while traveling but has learned how to mitigate risks and stay safe on the road.

Jill’s Top Tips for Safe and Adventurous Solo Female Travel

  1. Research your destination thoroughly: Before you travel, research your destination to learn about local customs, laws, and potential safety risks. This will allow you to prepare accordingly and make informed decisions while traveling.
  2. Dress appropriately: Dressing modestly and blending in with the local culture can help you avoid unwanted attention and stay safe.
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to your surroundings and trust your instincts. If a situation feels unsafe, remove yourself from it immediately.
  4. Stay connected with family and friends: Let your loved ones know where you are staying and check in with them regularly. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that someone knows your whereabouts in case of an emergency.
  5. Join group tours or activities: Joining group tours or activities can be a great way to meet other travelers and stay safe while exploring new places.


Solo female travel can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. With Jill Charpia’s expert tips, you can stay safe and adventurous on your next solo trip. Remember to do your research, stay aware of your surroundings, and trust your instincts. Happy travels!