Some people use the app to explore others

Tinder is a free mobile app and social networking website that lets you chat with other users, match with those you’re interested in, and send and receive “swipes” (short, visual matches). Users are allowed a maximum of six swipes per day.

The “swipe left” means no interest, and the “swipe right” means interested. If you get a “match,” you can send messages, and you can ask to have your picture added to your match’s profile. Tinder matches are sent directly to the user’s phone, so they appear as notifications on the phone. If a user online dating likes a photo they see on someone else’s profile, they can message the person to arrange a date. A user can swipe up to 20 times each day.

Some people use the app to explore others’ profiles. They may look for photos or descriptions that catch their eye and decide whether to continue their exploration. Tinder doesn’t have a strict age limit, but users are restricted to meeting within three hours of the time of the original contact.

Users must be 18 years old or older and must have a Facebook or Instagram account. You can use a variety of filters, including ones for location and type of person, to narrow down your search. There are many ways to meet someone using Tinder.