Summer Pest Guide in Georgina

Raise your hand if you enjoy the summer. That’s what we thought! Because there is so much to do and enjoy throughout the summer, the season goes by way too quickly and always feels like it will be over before it ever begins.

Managing pest problems is not normally something that people want to spend their precious time on or worrying about during the warm summer months. There are so many fun things to do at this time of year!

It is fortunate for you that we are here to assist you with the requirements of Pest Control in Georgina associated with the summer season. Because pest problems are often avoidable and preventable, we believe it is really important to educate our customers and the general public on the various common seasonal pests and what they can do to prevent an infestation or minimize or manage a problem…because unfortunately, there are some situations in which pest problems cannot be completely resolved no matter how much pest proofing you do.

This summer pest guide that we have developed covers and includes the following topics: what the common summer pests are; how to deal with them; how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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Are you ready to find out more about the summertime pests?  Here we go!

A Primer on the Common Pests of Summer

Carpenter ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, European fire ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, mosquitoes, wasps, and hornets are the most prevalent pests that cause a nuisance throughout the summer. Other popular summer pests include European fire ants. There are certain insects and rodents that can be a problem for a homeowner or business owner at any time of the year; however, problems tend to worsen during the warmer summer months.

Did you know that there are over 13,000 different species of ants around the world? Did you also know that ants coexisted with dinosaurs? If not, now you do!  Ants spend their time searching for food and water, as well as establishing nests and colonies, outside during the summer months. Ants require food, shelter, and water in order to live and thrive. If they are able to locate all three of these things in close proximity to your house or place of business, then it is probable that you will have an ant infestation.

Carpenter ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, and European fire ants are the most prevalent kinds of problems that we help people solve that are caused by ants. Ant infestations are reason for concern since, depending on the species, they are capable of causing significant structural damage to the buildings they infest, and certain species are hostile and may bite or sting if they perceive a threat to their safety.

Identification of the specific ant species is essential for effective pest control in general. There is no one treatment that is effective for all ant infestations since different species of ants require different kinds of pest control.  If you have problems with ants, taking a picture of them and sending it to a professional pest controller is your best bet for getting rid of the problem.  If you can also include a dime, nickel, or quarter near the ants, that would be even better since it will help determine the size of the ants, which is also helpful in ant identification. If you are able to do both of these things, then you will have a much easier time identifying the ants.


It’s true that spiders play a vital part in the environment; they help keep bug populations under control. However, when they are present in high numbers and are of a great size (like dock spiders and wolf spiders), they can be frightening to people and uncomfortable for them to be around. Spiders can be found across the province of Ontario in large numbers. Their numbers can be so high in cottage country and in the areas surrounding waterside homes, boats, boathouses, and docks that it’s hard to believe. Due to the fact that spiders marry in the spring and summer, the worst time of year to deal with them is the summer, when their population is at its highest. 

In general, spiders do not hurt people. They are capable of biting, however it is unusual for them to bite humans, and when they do, their fangs are frequently either too short or not strong enough to really puncture the skin of a person. It is important to emphasize that spiders are capable of biting humans and will do so if they feel threatened or are provoked. There have been reports of people getting bitten after rolling over them in bed, putting on an article of clothing that the bed bug has been inhabiting, or attempting to touch or remove the egg sacs that they are carrying. Some people are allergic to spider bites, although the vast majority of spider bites are either not recognized or are misidentified as being caused by bites from more common pest insects. A necrotic wound or a great deal of agony can be the result of a bite from a poisonous spider, such as the brown recluse spider, which is found in Ontario only rarely.

Earwigs are prevalent throughout the province of Ontario, particularly from the middle of June through the end of October. They may be frightening to look at because to the prominent pincers that are located at the end of their abdomens; yet, they do not cause any harm or devastation to people or structures and are only a nuisance due to the fact that they are there. They are insects that live outside and like damp environments, such as under mulch, dead leaves, rotten wood, logs, firewood, stones, and other trash. These are the places where they feed on decaying plant matter that is moist. Earwigs may invade homes and places of business throughout the summer for two primary reasons: either by mistake or during extended periods of dry weather, when they are forced to look for new shelter in order to survive.

Fleas are a major cause for concern for those who own pets and may be a very difficult problem to handle when it comes to pest control. They are bloodsucking parasites that feed off the blood of their hosts. Flea populations have shown a great deal of variation both from year to year and from location to location. Fleas are a persistent problem throughout the year; but, during the summer months, when pets spend more time outdoors exploring and appreciating nature, there is a greater possibility that they will come into contact with wild animals or rodents that are infested with fleas. This increases the risk of an infestation.

Mosquitoes are considered to be an irritating and annoying summer nuisance that can ruin a variety of summertime activities, such as having a BBQ, resting in the backyard, or spending a night just sitting by an outdoor fire. Mosquito bites are dreaded not just because they are excruciatingly uncomfortable, but also because they can produce a variety of allergic reactions in some people. Concerns about mosquitoes have been growing in recent years as a result of the diseases that they are capable of transmitting, including West Nile Virus, dengue fever, malaria, filariasis, and encephalitis. Mosquitoes pose less of a threat to people’s health in Ontario than they do to their quality of life. Mosquitoes are able to locate their prey by picking up on the exhaled carbon dioxide, temperature, and odors of the body, in addition to movement. They are not active throughout the day on hot bright days since this causes them to dry out and perish. On the other hand, they are very active during the day in shady places or on days when there is overcast.

Wasps and Hornets:

We have more than 500 species of wasps in Canada (hornets are wasps, by the way), the majority of which are social and live in colonies that contain thousands of members. In the late summer and early fall, when their nests have grown large and they are foraging for food, people tend to notice more wasps than during other times of the year. Yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, and bald-faced hornets are the types of nuisance wasps that are most commonly encountered in Ontario.  Active wasp nests, which may be identified by the presence of wasps swarming around the nest’s exterior, are a major cause for concern when they are located in close proximity to or on a building that is used for residential or commercial purposes. Not only is there the possibility of being stung (once or multiple times), but there is also the possibility of having an allergic reaction, which for some people can be fatal.  Wasps can cause harm to a home or business, but more often than not, they are a nuisance and an unwelcome guest at outside activities or celebrations.

Wasps are beneficial to our ecology, but they may be a nuisance to people when they congregate in huge numbers. They not only assist manage the populations of crop-damaging pests but also of common nuisance insect populations, such as flies and spiders, that we do not want in our homes or places of business.

What is the Most Effective Way to Combat Pests During the Summer?

The following three strategies are the most effective for warding off summertime vermin:

1. Protect your home or place of business from pests. Insects, vermin, and rodents should be kept in their natural environment, which is outside of the home, and pest proofing should be a year-round, ongoing endeavor. This is the best first line of defense. It is far less likely that you will have a significant problem with pest management if you are able to stop as many of them as possible from entering your house or place of business. Check out our list of the Top 10 Summertime Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Home.

2. Obtain a treatment from a skilled and licensed exterminator that specializes in pest control. Our annual treatments for spiders, wasps and hornets, earwigs and ants, as well as our mosquito control program, have a proven track record of successfully preventing, resolving, and reducing the number of pests. You can buy and experiment with a wide variety of over-the-counter (or “off the shelf”) pest control products, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) ways and ideas for controlling pests. Since we’ve been in this industry for more than three decades, we’ve seen and heard just about everything there is to know about pest management. However, the fact of the matter is that these solutions are not useful in resolving actual problems. These treatments do not include the powerful and long-lasting residuals that professional pest control products do, which are a crucial component of both pest control and pest management. What exactly is a powerful residual? It indicates that the substance, once applied, possesses staying power and will not rapidly fade or be washed away by the sun or rain. 

3. Seek assistance as quickly as possible. If you find that you have summer bugs or if you suspect that you may have a problem with pest control, it is imperative that you take care of the situation as quickly as possible. When a pest problem is allowed to continue for an extended period of time, finding a solution or bringing it under control can become increasingly time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, whether you have a recurring problem with fleas or ants throughout the summer or just a one-time problem with spiders, earwigs, ants, or wasps and hornets, you should seek the assistance of a professional as soon as possible.
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