Players who appreciate sharing amazing moments with other players will find lots of interesting options in a variety of genres thanks to some new multiplayer online PC games and some older ones that maintain their material current. Online gaming is still one of the best strategies to guarantee extremely fun gaming in 2020. Fortunately, as I’ve already mentioned, there are plenty of solutions to suit the widest range of preferences. Simply locate the game, connect, and have fun. In this regard, I made the decision to compile this list of the top new multiplayer online PC games to play in 2020 in order to aid you in finding the appropriate game. As you can see, I chose books that have been getting buzz for a while as well as ones that have recently won over a lot of readers. Check it out, shall we?

Aston Online

Astellia Online is the first title on this list of the top new PC multiplayer online games. The game’s stunning fantasy setting and high-quality design helped it gain popularity after its January 2020 debut. Astellia Online, like any excellent MMORPG, contains a number of clever mechanics that keep the player “stuck” to the experience. The game is meant to encourage a go back to the basics of the genre, as the developers have stated. Hence, for those who are most nostalgic, this “old-fashioned MMORPG” turns out to be a lovely option.

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Darwin Initiative

Our list now includes the strength of the exceptional Darwin Project as it “walks” toward the Battle Royale subgenre. Although the game’s January 2020 release date, many players enjoyed it throughout the Early Access phase. The premise of Darwin Project and the extremely well-developed scenarios it provides turn the trip into a genuine spectacle. In reality, the game was created with a variety of exciting activities in mind for both participants and spectators. The gaming experience is excellent, and competition levels are very high. Huge match!


Cyber Sleuth: The Entire Digimon Tale

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition, which was launched in October 2019, has a multiplayer option that may ensure intense battles despite having excellent single player content (and a compelling story). There are more than 300 Digimons in the game, and the fighting is turn-based. By choosing their favorite Digimon, gamers may put together strong teams and engage in battles that require a lot of strategic thinking. The PS1 classic Digimon 2 is reminiscent of the game, although it has far more dynamic fighting. It is worthwhile to check.

Underlords of Dota

It’s common practice to include Dota in a list of games. I made the choice to highlight Dota Underlords on this list of fresh multiplayer online PC games. Although it was released in June 2019, the game is still in Early Access on Steam. The popular Dota Auto Chess from Dota 2 served as the inspiration for the game Dota Underlords. Players in this game arrange their heroes on a board (much as in a game of chess) and devise plans to defeat their foes. An really competitive choice.

DRAGONBUILDERSTM 2, a video game

In general, DRAGON QUEST BUILDERSTM 2 is a game that combines the most popular video game of all time, Minecraft, with the venerable Dragon Quest franchise. The combination may seem strange, but it really worked! The game’s immensely fun construction mechanics, tactical battles, and wide range of exploring choices instantly drew gamers soon after its December 2019 debut. It is a terrific option for individuals who wish to play online with friends because this online sandbox was designed for games with up to 4 participants.

Elswyer from Elder Scrolls Online


Elder Scrolls Online: Elswyer belongs to the category of games that have been around for a while but keep getting updated. For instance, the June 2019 release of the Elswyer update (or chapter) introduced some DLCs (in August and November 2019). Elder Scrolls Online: Elswyer has significantly expanded the material of the renowned MMORPG and created a compelling and captivating plot. A new class was also added to the game, which resulted in significant gameplay modifications. Simply said, a fantastic MMORPG that continues getting better.

Shadowbringers: A Final Fantasy XIV Story

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers ends up becoming a must-see on any list of new multiplayer online PC games since it is a wonderful MMORPG that keeps getting better. The Shadowbringers upgrade, which was published in July 2019, keeps players quite busy. In fact, Shadowbringers was able to update several features, add new races and professions, raise the level cap, and do a lot more to make the game even better. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is undoubtedly one of the most well-known MMORPGs.


GTFO broadens our list’s focus away from fantastical settings and toward the horrifying. The respect-themed first-person shooter (FPS) was released in December 2019 and is now in Early Access. It emphasizes player cooperation in the face of several obstacles. The game GTFO touts itself as being incredibly immersive. The dismal scenario of the game necessitates cooperative play from up to four players in order to solve puzzles, distribute psychological pressure, and, of course, defeat terrifying foes in thrilling combat. What a contest!