The Benefits of Having a Machine Learning Certification and How to Get One

Machine Learning, a subdomain of AI, is one of the greatest career choices these days. Due to its high demand and exciting growth opportunities, many youngsters aspire to build a career in this field. For the right approach and guidance to enter the ML industry, a machine learning course can be very helpful. 

Though there is plenty of information available for free on the internet, it might not be enough to get comprehensive coverage. To open more career paths for yourself, you can also opt for machine learning and artificial intelligence courses rather than just going for an ML certification. 

Below are the reasons why you should choose a career in Machine Learning:

1. High Demand

Machine Learning is one of the fastest-growing fields in every industry worldwide. Despite this, there is a deficiency of skilled ML (Machine Learning) professionals in the market. It has increased the demand for machine learning professionals. Every company needs ML engineers. If you can fulfil their requirements, you can secure your future in the field.

2. Tackle Real Challenges

If you love solving challenges and want to develop your problem-solving skills further, there is no better career option than Machine Learning. The field is even more exciting for those who are interested in automobile, robotics, manufacturing, or quantum computing industries.

As a Machine Learning engineer, you get to solve the biggest challenges faced by businesses, such as understanding complex data patterns, processing huge volumes of data, etc. It gives you ultimate job satisfaction and a sense of pride.

3. Explore and Learn New Things

When you enter the field of Machine Learning, your also get to explore data science, Artificial intelligence, and other related fields. It also allows you to change your niche if you are not satisfied with your current job. 

For example, software engineers can easily get a machine learning certification to become machine learning engineers. Machine Learning professionals can also become data scientists, which is another job in high demand.

4. Exponential Career Growth

As machine learning engineers are highly in demand, they get high packages even at the entry-level. As the AI industry is growing rapidly, there are high chances of your career growth in this field. You can choose one of the many career options available, such as ML engineer, ML data scientist, ML computer programmer, senior planner, ML architect, etc, after completing a machine learning course.

How To Get a Machine Learning Certification?

While selecting a Machine Learning Certification Program, you must consider the following factors:

Decide Your Goal: Decide what goal you want to achieve with an ML certification. If you are a fresh graduate and want to enter the field, you must go for a full-time course. If you are already working as a Machine Learning Professional and want to develop some additional skills, it is better to go for short-term certification programs.

Check The Eligibility Criteria: Check the prerequisites for a Machine Learning Course before enrolling in it. Some courses have strict eligibility requirements whereas others might just need a bachelor’s degree. In general, you will need to have a background in mathematics, statistics, economics, physics, computer science, etc, to pursue a field in ML.

Consider Course Fee and Duration: Check and compare the fees of different courses before making a final decision. The fees may vary depending on various factors, including the duration, the syllabus, and learning style. If you are looking for an affordable course with comprehensive coverage, you can check out the online ML certifications by Edvancer.

Choose a Course That Suits Your Learning Style: You should also consider which learning style you are most comfortable with. You generally get two types of learning options: 

  • Live classes 
  • Self-paced

Identify the suitable learning style for yourself and choose a course accordingly.

Best Machine Learning Courses in India

There is no number of institutes offering online and offline Machine Learning Courses, which makes it hard to choose the right one. The following are the best ones to consider:

1. AI & Machine Learning Courses by Edvancer

Edvancer offers two types of courses in Machine Learning:

  • IBM Professional Certificate in AI and Machine Learning
  • IIT Kanpur Advanced Certification in AI and Machine Learning

These certification programs include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing you to explore both fields. You get theoretical knowledge via lectures and practical knowledge by working on real projects and assignments. 

They provide you with both learning options to choose from, i.e., self-paced and live classes. You can go with anyone that seems more convenient for you.

2. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on Coursera

This course by Andrew Ng introduces machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, and data mining. It gives you a detailed idea of the statistical and mathematical logic behind ML algorithms. 

3. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

Udacity is a global certification provider, and this introductory ML course by them can be a good option to enter the field. The course covers basic concepts and gives you a step-by-step understanding of the analysis.

4. PG Diploma Machine Learning by UpGrad

The PG Diploma by UpGrad is a good option to boost your ML career. It covers advanced ML and AI concepts, such as natural language processing, neural networks, graphic models, etc.

Choose the Right Machine Learning Course

While choosing a Machine Learning course for yourself, you need to consider a lot of things as mentioned above. Try to find a program that fulfils all or most of your requirements. The online AI & ML courses by Edvancer are great options for those who want flexibility in their learning program. Another great advantage of these courses is that they provide you with two types of learning options, keeping the different comfort levels of students in mind.

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