The Complete Guide to Becoming a Blockchain Engineer in 2023

Many companies worldwide are leveraging blockchain technology as the demand for talentedblockchain engineers is increasing. Many youths are interested in this direction and discovering how to become blockchain engineers. A career in the blockchain sector is attractive as it offers good pay, a bright future ahead, and further opportunities to become part of the future blockchain. However, the technology is not limited to blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Indeed, various publicly traded companies in multiple sectors use blockchain to secure data and digital assets.  

If you want to become a blockchain engineer, then read this guide. We cover all aspects of blockchain engineering and discover career opportunities in the blockchain world.  

Who is Blockchain Engineer?  

Blockchain engineers are responsible for creating and executing a digital blockchain for business solutions. Usually, blockchain engineers work in technology consulting companies or data services firms. Also, the blockchain engineer jo is not restricted to development. They must determine the company’s needs and work on existing open-source technologies.  

Blockchain engineers must also build and develop assets, accelerators, and infrastructure setups that primarily work on Ethereum and Hyperledger.  

Steps to Become Blockchain Engineer 

Blockchain engineering is an exciting career; you must obtain basic technical skills like networking, programming, computer science, etc. After that, you can opt for professional blockchain certifications that will allow you to grab job opportunities. So, follow the steps to become a successful blockchain engineer: 

  1. Avail of bachelor’s or master’s degrees in artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, computer science, and information technology. For advanced positions, a Ph.D. may require.  
  2. Take subjects like computer science, cryptography, and blockchain technology.  
  3. Acquire practical experience via internship programs or entry–level positions in a company that uses blockchain.  
  4. For increasing networks and continuing education, you can join a professional organization.  
  5. Seek the chances that lead to blockchain projects or initiatives in your company. It will help you to build leadership and project management skills.  
  6. Consider the opportunities to move to higher positions like blockchain architect or manager. The roles will allow you to progress in your career.  
  7. After taking the required education, you can apply for a blockchain engineer role that aligns with your goals and values. Show your technical skills and ability to think strategically.  
  8. As you grow in your career, stay updated with new tools and technologies and considers obtaining advanced blockchain engineer certifications.  

Skills Required to become Blockchain Engineer 

If you plan to become a blockchain engineer, having a vast knowledge of data, coding language, finance, and more is crucial. The best approach is to start with the basic skills as a foundation for future learning.  

Fundamental Skills of Blockchain 

It is essential to obtain a basic knowledge of blockchain technology and decentralization. So, learn how it works and its different approaches to building and securing the blockchain and study the industry terminology. However, obtaining basic knowledge will allow you to face challenges in your engineering career path.  

Knowledge of Cryptography 

Because cryptography is at the heart of blockchain security, blockchain engineers must have knowledge and qualifications. Hiring managers are more attracted to candidates with cryptography skills, as they require talent to encrypt decentralized records. Asymmetric vital algorithms and hash functions are cryptography’s most critical security algorithms. If these skills are mastered, it will make applying to companies easier. 

Knowledge of Finance 

Blockchain engineers can use macroeconomics and decentralized finance to create practical solutions for their clients. A finance certification will help you stand out from the rest. 

Coding Language 

To excel in a blockchain engineering career, you must excel in various coding languages like JavaScript, a standard programming language in blockchain projects. However, other popular languages are Python, Java, and Solidity for Ethereum smart contracts.  

Knowledge Front End and Back End Development 

Blockchain projects also include API management, design, and handling requests. Experienced developers best perform these jobs, but full-stack knowledge of web development will make your resume stand out. You will also have the skills to take on more prominent roles. 

Knowledge of Blockchain Development Tools  

Highly skilled enterprise blockchain engineers are well-versed in multiple development tools like MetaMask and Truffle. A hiring manager will see that a candidate with various software development tools can create solutions quicker than an engineer with limited knowledge. Because of the increased efficiency and speed required to complete a project, hiring managers are more inclined to hire more experienced candidates. 

Salary of Blockchain Engineers 

Blockchain engineers fall under the software development category. They also work on software designing features and more than that. However, the pay range of blockchain engineers is relatively high compared to software engineers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, it is predicted that 11% job growth will be seen from 2016 to 2026 in the software engineering field. It means blockchain engineers fall in this category also. However, it has been the highest growth compared to other areas.  

Blockchain engineers work in government, finance, health, etc. The salary is increasing daily, and the demand for blockchain engineers is high. The salary will vary from country to country but is almost paid high.  


Aspirants with strong technical skills and a passion for working with blockchain technology will find it rewarding to become a blockchain engineer. Blockchain engineers offer various opportunities to work on multiple projects, significantly impacting the company’s success. A blockchain engineering career might be challenging but brings multiple rewards.