The Cost of ACL Reconstruction in India: Affordable Solutions for Restoring Knee Stability

In today’s world of extensive technological advancements and rapid digitization, India has established itself as a prominent hub for exceptional healthcare that combines superior quality with affordable prices. As the country is renowned for its expertise in treating various diseases like heart and kidney-related diseases. India is also recognized for its mastership and medical advances in Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction, known as ACL reconstruction procedures. 

India is emerging as a favorable location for individuals seeking affordable and dependable medical interventions to address the escalating occurrence of sports-related injuries requiring ACL reconstruction. It needs to be addressed here that people are still unaware of this surgery, and because of this, they are unable to take advantage of such a great surgery like ACL reconstruction. So, before discussing the ACL reconstruction cost in India, it is highly important to understand what ACL reconstruction is and why it is recommended. 

What is ACL Reconstruction?

ACL surgery, or knee ligament surgery, is performed when a person has an injury to the ligament. This surgery is mainly performed in order to reconstruct or repair sports-related injuries. Thus, it is nothing less than a boon for sportspersons as it helps them heal their wounds quickly and maintain their sporting performance.   

ACL refers to surgery in which the largest ligament of the knee, the inner cruciate ligament, is repaired. The torn ligament is mainly replaced with a repaired ligament in this Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction surgery. It is an easy process that takes significantly less time. 

When is ACL Surgery recommended? 

When individuals experience severe knee pain, they usually attempt standard treatments. Often, the issue may resolve without medical attention; however, if the pain increases, it is best to see a doctor. If the individual has a knee injury, their ligaments can deteriorate over time, making ACL surgery necessary. If someone’s knee pain is so extreme that it affects their ability to walk, surgery is the only course of action to remedy the issue.

The knee is one of the most crucial joints that allows easy movement but can impact functionality when damaged. ACL surgery can restore functionality to the knee. Lastly, professional athletes who have sustained numerous sports-related injuries may require ACL surgery to address their health concerns quickly.

What is the ACL Reconstruction Cost in India? 

It is highly satisfying to consider that ACL reconstruction surgery in India is quite affordable, even for middle-class households. The total cost can vary depending on your chosen hospital, the surgeon’s fees, and your specific requirements. 

ACL reconstruction in India can cost between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 3,50,000. The cost of surgery, stay in the hospital, the surgeon’s fees, and other necessary post-operative care are inclusive of this amount. 

What are the Risks of ACL Surgery?  

In comparison to other existing treatment options available, ACL reconstruction is a highly effective operation for treating knee problems. However, just as with any other medical procedure or surgery, there are potential risks that you should be aware of. 

  • Graft failure is one of the dangers associated with ACL surgery. During surgery, a graft is inserted into the knee to repair the torn ligament. The patient undergoing surgery may occasionally have difficulty and discomfort as a result of the graft’s failure to perform as intended.
  • Another potential risk associated with ACL surgery is knee infection. If an individual develops a knee infection following ACL surgery, it can cause significant damage to the knee and require another operation to address the issue. 
  • Even while some bleeding is typical following surgery. But in some cases, severe bleeding can happen and result in a blood shortage that can be deadly.  
  • Although the success rate of ACL reconstruction is relatively high. However, like other surgeries, ligament reconstructive surgery also involves a little risk of failure. 
  • ACL surgery may fail, in which case patients need further knee surgery. Additionally, even after ACL surgery, post-operative knee pain might last, and medicines could be needed to treat the discomfort. 

What Precautions Should be taken After ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

  • After the surgery, the individual may experience pain in the knee, so the surgeon will provide painkillers, which should be taken when the person experiences knee pain. 
  • After ACL surgery, doctors also recommend physical therapy. The therapy strengthens knee muscles and increases knee functionality, allowing people to recover quickly.  
  • A nutritional diet is vital for people who have recently undergone ACL surgery. Cold foods may harm his knee, thereby degrading his health. He should only eat healthy food and avoid cold things.
  • After ACL surgery, a person should avoid heavy physical activities because his body is frail. The consequences can be fatal if he is engaged in activities requiring exertion. 
  • ACL surgery patients should keep in touch with their surgeons until they are cleared to resume normal activities. 


The country’s prominence in technologically advanced and high-quality medical facilities has been proven. The rising demand for ACL reconstruction due to sports-related injuries has propelled India to the forefront of medical tourism. The highly affordable ACL reconstruction cost in India is also a primary reason patients outside the country are interested in their treatment here. Whether you are a desiring athlete yearning to make a comeback in your respective sport or an individual seeking to enhance your quality of life, consider exploring ACL reconstruction in India.