The Dangers of Ignoring a Possum Infestation in Your Home

Have you noticed strange noises coming from your attic or basement at night? Do you find scraps of food scattered around your home in the morning? If so, it’s possible that you have a possum infestation. These nocturnal creatures may seem harmless and even cute, but ignoring their presence can lead to serious consequences for both your health and property. In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of ignoring a possum infestation in your home and provide tips on how to get rid of them safely. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into this important topic!

What are the Signs of a Possum Infestation?

Possums may be cute, but they can cause serious damage to your property and health. Here are some signs that you may have a possum infestation in your home:

Scratching and scurrying sounds: Possums are nocturnal, so you’ll most likely hear them at night. Listen for scratching or scurrying sounds coming from your attic, basement or walls.

Foul odors: Possums have a distinct musky odor that can become overwhelming if left unchecked.

Damaged insulation: If you notice shredded insulation or scratch marks on pipes and wires, it could be a sign of possum activity.

Droppings: Possum droppings look similar to those of cats but larger in size. Look for droppings around the baseboards or near food sources.

Food scraps: Possums will eat almost anything they come across, including pet food left out overnight. Keep an eye out for scattered food scraps in unlikely places such as under sofas or behind appliances.

If you suspect there is a possum infestation in your home based on Possum Removal in Hobart signs, it’s important to take action immediately before things get worse.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Home

Possums might look cute, but they can cause severe damage to your home and pose a potential health risk. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of possums in your home without harming them.

Firstly, identify entry points where the possums may be entering from. This will help you block off any holes or gaps that need sealing. You should also consider removing anything that could attract them such as food and water sources.

Next, set up humane traps designed specifically for catching possums. These traps use bait such as fruits or vegetables to lure the possum inside. Once caught, release them into a nearby wooded area during daylight hours.

If trapping isn’t an option or doesn’t work for you due to local laws or other reasons, consider using repellents instead. Repellents like predator urine can be sprayed around areas where possum activity is high which will discourage their presence.

It’s essential to prevent future infestations by keeping your property clean and tidy while regularly checking for any signs of intrusion. This includes trimming overgrown trees near structures and repairing damaged roofing tiles which provide easy access points for these animals.

Remember that getting rid of a possum infestation takes time and patience but with proper measures in place; you’ll soon have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from harm caused by this wild animal species!

What to Do if You Already Have a Possum Infestation

If you’ve already discovered a possum infestation in your home, it’s important to take immediate action. Ignoring the problem can lead to serious damage and health risks for both you and your pets.

The first step is to identify where the possums are entering and exiting your house. Look for any holes or gaps in walls, roofs, or foundations that could be providing them access. Once identified, seal these areas with heavy duty materials such as metal mesh or concrete fill.

Next, remove anything that may be attracting the possums into your home. This includes pet food left outside overnight and easily accessible garbage cans. Keeping these items inside or securing them tightly will decrease the chances of further infestation.

To catch any remaining possums in your home, set up live traps near their entry points. These traps should be checked frequently and released far away from residential areas upon capture.

It’s important to clean up after a possum infestation as they leave behind urine and feces which pose health hazards if not cleaned properly. Use gloves when cleaning affected areas with bleach solution.

Remember that while DIY methods may seem cost-effective at first glance; professional help can save time, money and prevent costly damages down the line!


Ignoring a possum infestation in your home can have serious consequences. These pests can cause damage to your property and also pose health risks to you and your family. Therefore, it’s important to take swift action if you suspect a possum infestation in your home.

By being aware of the signs of a At Instant Possum Removal Services, infestation and taking steps to prevent them from entering your property, you’ll be able to avoid many of the problems associated with these pests. And if you do find yourself dealing with a possum infestation, there are effective methods for removing them safely and humanely.

Remember: prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. With the right knowledge and tools at hand, you can keep these unwanted guests out of your home for good!