The importance of  Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi

Event photography is a crucial aspect of corporate communication. It lets you capture the highlights of an event, whether it’s a product launch, company party, or conference. These photos can then be used to promote your business on social media, in business brochures, or even on your website. In this article, we’ll explain why event photography is so important to your business and how our professional photography service can help you enhance your brand image.

What is event photography?

Corporate Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi involve taking pictures at professional events such as conferences, seminars, product launches, cocktail parties, corporate parties, sporting events, networking events, etc. The goal is to capture the key moments of the event and create lasting memories.

But not only can you imagine an event photographer going back and forth among the guests? Today, event photography is different because many photo animations have come to the fore in the event industry. For example, you can find corporate photocalls, corporate photo booths and photo cubes. These photo animations allow you to capture your event in a playful way. These are very powerful marketing and communication levers for companies.

Event photography is a powerful marketing lever

Communicate with your Target

Event photography is a very effective tool to communicate with your target. When a company hosts an event, it is usually to reach a target audience, whether they are prospects, customers, business partners, investors, or employees. You will be able to communicate in a friendly and effective way thanks to the photographic animations, which also allow you to be shared on social networks, which will help you reach a greater number and therefore increase your online visibility.

Promote your Business

Using event photo animations, you will be able to create eye-catching visual content to showcase your business on your social media, website, flyer to promote your brand. By capturing your professional events in photos, you will show a dynamic and current image of your company, thus helping you to make your brand attractive and make it shine.

The advantages of event photography for a company

Benefits for your Target

Whether they are potential clients, clients or even employees, regardless of the profile of your guests, they will have a great time thanks to the photo animations. In fact, event photography allows you to create a relaxed, happy and friendly atmosphere. Some companies go further, creating decorations, sometimes warm, sometimes grand, sometimes attractive, thus attracting the curiosity of the guests who voluntarily play at being photographed.

Sympathize with the Brand

Event photography helps those attending a professional event to empathize with the brand because it allows (among other things) to show behind the scenes of the company, highlighting the teams, employees, clients and partners. . This helps to feel closer to your brand, make it more accessible and create emotional closeness. Humanizing a brand is a holy grail that many companies want to achieve.

Collect Personalized Photo Memorabilia

Finally, depending on the photo animation chosen, the photos taken during the event can be printed directly on the site or sent by email to the participants, allowing everyone to take home a personalized memory of the event. Photos can also be shared on social media or internally within your company, helping to extend the experience.

Benefits for your business

Increase your visibility. With photo outline customization, each photo can have your company colors. You can even add your logo and a mention, for example “Seminar Cocktail 2023”. Thanks to instant photo printing, which has become a b.a.-ba at every professional event, guests can walk away with their personalized photo. And since these photos often end up hanging on a refrigerator, in a bedroom, or in an office, your brand will appear next to your goal every day.

Depending on the photo animation you book, your guests can also send the photos via email. For example, if you have decided to book a photo booth, you can exchange the photos taken by email, to easily find them later, but above all to share them on your social networks or send them to your loved ones! These are usually photos that lend themselves particularly well, and guests love to share these types of photos.

What photographic format for events to choose?

It all depends on your goals. If you want to organize a high-level photo animation, the event photographer with his photocall is the ideal animation that will allow you to create high-quality event photos! On the contrary, if you want to provide fun entertainment where your guests can be autonomous, then the photobooth and photo cube will be perfect. For a wow effect, we recommend booking an event photographer and photo booth.

The Event Photographer

An event photographer captures the most important moments of the event in high quality. The advantage of having a professional photographer is that they can travel anywhere during the event and thus create a photographic report for your company. You can also organize a photo session to promote your brand or highlight your sponsors. 

The photographer will be able to film the guests in front of the photocall to get top quality photos.Discover our new “Josepho Live” photo reporting experience. We have developed a technology that connects professional cameras to a printing station. This solution allows your guests to print their photos directly on the site and send them to their phone. It is a must for event photography!

The Photo Booth

The photobooth (or photographic terminal) has become in a few years an essential part of professional events. It is a photographic terminal that allows you to take personalized photos with the colors of the company, in a fun and original way, with total autonomy. Photobooth users can enjoy taking photos alone or in a group by selecting different options such as photo version or GIF version. Also, this photo animation has a super power to exacerbate users’ creativity. They love to take crazy photos.

Each photo can be instantly printed so guests can take it with them as event keepsakes. Photos can also be sent via email. The photo booth also has a marketing interest that is highly appreciated by companies, since it also makes it possible to retrieve email addresses. A good option to increase your email base of potential customers! Finally, the outline of the photo can be customized with the colors of the company and can house a logo and a mention.

The Photo Cube

A photo cube is a connected printer that allows you to print photos directly from your mobile phone. It is a completely new solution for event photography. Guests take photos of their best moments from the event and can then print them live, for even more personal photos. Each photo can be personalized with the colors of the company or event.

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