The latest car technology and gadgets


We have seen tons of new technological improvements in the automotive industry. In recent years automakers introduce a countable improvement to enhance safety and experience a new traveling style. Their most priority of them is to provide secure vehicles to customers which is highly appreciated. Driving is not just to drop to your destination.

Now it’s more enjoyable for you to spend time inside the car. If you have an old model car with less technology you can add modern gadgets to an old car and remark on your next journey with pleasure. The addition of new technology is not only for the ease of drivers but also offers enjoyment for the passengers to make more memories.

Modern Car Technology and Gadgets

Automakers offer some modern gadgets to install in your used cars. if you missed the new technology, you can make your old car modern by just fixing the new features. It’s just like you paint your car for shine and adding some technology to improve the performance, safety, and grace of your vehicle.

Blind Spot Alert

Keep safe on the road by using a blind spot alert. It keeps you safe and assists you right movement on the road. You can make an efficient and fast decision about the safety of your car and yours. It helps to keep to alert if a car is very near to you at the back. It can be fixed in the side mirror. This new technology will help you for safe driving in the rush and guide you to a safe move.

Cross Traffic Alert

Cross-traffic alerts use to provide you with safe parking and alert you if another car coming from the back. Most cars are damaged during parking because of fewer parking sensors. You can park your car safely with this modern function. You will better know the safe parking space with this function. Manage your parking space in a good way by using cross-traffic alerts. You need these functions to make sure driving is safe. The number of used cars for sale in Lahore on the road has hugely increased. Which cause of shortage parking spaces.

Lane Assist Technology

Keep driving in your lane is now easy with lane-to-keep assist technology. In modern cars, automakers offer this technology but you can install this system in your vehicle if you have an old model. It will help you on the long route to drive in your lane. This new function also improves your driving. Sometimes at a fast speed, we never had an idea of skipping lane. It will kick you out by alerting you. You are responsible for smooth driving by staying in your lane and this is one of the best functions to add.

Mobile Charging

We are addicted to cell phones and the most annoying thing is the dead battery. Now you can charge your cell phone while driving. Install a charging port in your car and enjoy your next long road trip without worrying about a dead phone. It also helps you to use navigation during a drive to find the best direction for the required destination. Emergency Response System

Emergency Response System

Do not ignore safety gadgets even its cost you high. Emergency response systems help you to automatically connect to the emergency service system. In case you are not able to make any call or ask for help this will automatically direct your location to the emergency service. You can get instant help rather than wait too long to call an ambulance or someone else for help. This advanced technology has been introduced in recent years and got the high attention of consumers.

Portable EV Charger Level 2

Electric vehicle No issue! Place this unique auto accessory in your trunk, then get moving! The portable 32A level 2 EV charger from MUSTART, which is compatible with all plug-in EVs, can charge your car up to 4X faster than the 16A level 1 EV charger used on the majority of electric vehicles. All you require to plug it in is a NEMA 14-50 outlet with 220 or 240 volts.

Electric Cooler and Warmer

This Electric Cooler and Warmer is the perfect companion for road trips, camping, and any other on-the-go activities thanks to its thermoelectric technology, Cooler & Warmer AC/DC power adapters, and ability to adjust from cooling to heating. The mini-fridge, which has space for six 12 oz. cans, is small enough to sit on top of the rear armrest and is strong enough to keep your snacks and drinks refrigerated (or heated) all the way to your destination while it is plugged into the cigarette lighter.


In modern cars, we have received countless new updates and new technology. Automakers have made everything possible with the vehicle. The cars now came with enhanced safety functions. If you don’t have these latest technology functions in your car you can go for the after-market parts option. Now it’s very easy to make everything new in your car in a perfect way. Technology has made a number of impossible things possible. The fast-growing automotive industry brings new ideas to us. Autonomous cars and driving with energy sources are the best successes of car makers.

Absorption Costing MCQs with Answers Explanation Engineering ECE

What Is Absorption Costing?

Absorption costing, also known as the all-encompassing, all-inclusive, or comprehensive costing method, is a sophisticated and perplexing managerial accounting framework that attempts to incorporate all expenses that are linked to the production of a particular product. This method is highly intricate and involves a copious amount of calculations and analyses to arrive at the total cost of production.

Every minuscule expense, whether direct or indirect, such as raw materials, labor, rent, utilities, depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and every other associated cost, is taken into account to determine the total cost of the product. The complexity of this method is staggering, and it requires extensive knowledge of accounting principles, an understanding of manufacturing processes, and advanced analytical skills to execute.

However, despite its complexity, absorption costing is still widely used in the industry due to its comprehensive approach to providing an accurate picture of the cost of production. Moreover, under the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the United States, absorption costing is an approved method for external reporting. In contrast, variable costing is prohibited, adding to the confusion and perplexity surrounding this topic.

Which of the following costs would NOT be included in the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing?

a) Direct materials
b) Direct labor
c) Variable manufacturing overhead
d) Fixed manufacturing overhead
Answer: c) Variable manufacturing overhead

Explanation: Under absorption costing, both fixed and variable manufacturing overhead costs are included in the cost of goods sold calculation. Direct materials and direct labor costs are also included.

When production exceeds sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) Higher net income than variable costing

Explanation: When production exceeds sales, there will be more fixed manufacturing overhead costs that are absorbed into the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing. This results in a higher net income compared to variable costing, which only includes variable manufacturing costs in the cost of goods sold calculation.

Which of the following statements is true about absorption costing?

a) It is used for external reporting purposes
b) It is used for internal decision-making purposes
c) It is the same as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) It is used for external reporting purposes

Explanation: Absorption costing is required for external financial reporting purposes, such as on the income statement and in financial statements. Variable costing, on the other hand, is often used for internal decision-making purposes.

In a period of increasing production and sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: c) The same net income as variable costing

Explanation: When production and sales increase, absorption costing and variable costing will result in the same net income. This is because there will be fewer fixed manufacturing overhead costs per unit under absorption costing, but there will also be more units sold.