The main objectives of disability employment services

DES supports individuals with impairments

People with disabilities seek work and have options and flexibility thanks to disability employment services. It is generally known as DES. DES providers might be major or small businesses. They might be partnerships with organizations for specific goals.

DES providers are businesses that assist persons with disabilities in getting ready for, obtaining, and maintaining employment. The participant’s particular demands are taken into account when designing these services. Additionally, they could provide a variety of services. It includes aid with writing a CV, preparation for a job interview, and support throughout the initial weeks of work. DES providers can help with the development of other job-ready skills in addition to these services. To locate workers, disability employment services may also collaborate with employer associations. They also develop strategies to assist those who have impairments in joining or remaining in employment.

Two different DES programs

The DES offers two separate programs:

  1. Employment Support Services

It is especially for job seekers who have a persistent handicap. Furthermore, it is for those who have an evaluated need for long-term assistance and need continual help in the workplace.

  • Service for Disability Management

This service is for job seekers with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries who need the aid of a disability employment service. But it is not anticipated that they will require long-term support at work.

The objective of disability employment services

Disability employment services are there to assist you in becoming ready for the workforce. They also identify sustainable employment that is compatible with your talents, interests, and circumstances as a whole. Training or advice may provide in some of the areas. And it will be part of determining the abilities and education you will require before applying for a job. The sections they will cover include some of the following:

  • Improvement of abilities
  • Participating in a work trial or program for job experience
  • The creation of cover letters, resumes, and CVs
  • Support with finding a job.
  • Preparing for a job interview and planning responses to inquiries
  • Working awareness of appropriate professional attire, behavior, and response
  • Having a clear understanding of your duties and rights as an employee

The advantages of working can significantly improve your health and quality of life. A sense of purpose may improve, as well as your sense of well-being and self-worth, by engaging in a meaningful job. Additionally, going to work fosters the development of your social networks and community. It is because you interact with new people and exchange experiences.

The advantages of hiring a disabled individual

Research has shown that including people with impairments in the workforce has a favorable effect.

Lower Turnover

A company with a high staff turnover rate finds it tough to assemble a solid team. Building a solid social culture is hard when individuals are continuously joining and departing. Employees with disabilities tend to stay in their jobs for a longer time than normal. And they develop into a consistent social force in your company.

Increased Dependability

Workplace social influences can enhance employee engagement and performance. People with disabilities, however, typically take fewer vacation days and work longer shifts than regular employees. The attendance and duration of your other employees may increase as a result of these qualities.

Strong relationships with customers

It takes a lot of effort on the part of most businesses to increase client loyalty, and it’s not an easy undertaking. You have to discover a strategy to stand out because there is so much competition in the field of business. Your hiring decisions may provide you with an advantage. Customers and people with disabilities frequently develop close relationships. It may entice customers to use your services repeatedly.

Enhanced branding

A diversified staff enhances the reputation of your business. Hiring disabled individuals demonstrates your dedication to the skills and contributions of all kinds of people in our society. It is encouraging to see people with various talents collaborating to complete a task.

An Orientation Toward Innovation

A shift in the company’s culture toward more creativity is another social advantage of hiring a person with a handicap. In their daily lives, many people with disabilities depend on technological advancements. It ranges from speech recognition and closed captioning to robotics and spell-checking. They may provide a fresh viewpoint. They inspire coworkers and managers to approach their jobs and clients in new and creative ways. It is because of their knowledge of technology.

Eligibility requirements for disability employment services

You must fulfill the following eligibility standards to be eligible to get assistance from disability employment services.

  • You must have a medically diagnosed handicap, injury, or health condition
  • Get a disability support pension or an income support payout from Centrelink
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • It is not necessary to be a full-time student
  • be determined to be capable of working fewer than 30 hours each week


Companies that specialize in assisted living, like Minda, have experience assisting customers with their disability employment services. The finest disability employment services offer specialized assistance to help you identify and achieve your objectives. At Minda, our goal is to assist and serve those who have disabilities to help them live the best lives possible.