The Perfect Baby Hamper for Every Budget

As the time of the birth comes near, the workload doubles. There is a lot to carry out in these last days and moments. From shopping for all those essentials and assembling each one of them, the whole process can be daunting. No doubt, shopping for a little one is exciting but it can become overwhelming when it is your first time. Also, marking the checklist is challenging. Therefore, it is best to get a baby hamper Singapore that contains everything required for the early days of the baby. So, whether you choose a pre-designed hamper or create one by your choice, a perfect gift hamper will go a long way and support parents in this new journey. Also, a practical gift set contains nearly every essential to ease the lives of mommies. In this article, you will see our top picks of the perfect baby hampers for every budget. So, join us in this journey and shower your love and care to new parents as they enter this life-changing moment. 

Lovingly Signed

Wondering what a perfect baby hamper Singapore looks like? Head over to Lovingly Signed’s website and get amazed by their impressive newborn hampers. Their gift sets are simply awesome. They are filled with basic newborn needs as well as have something for their entertainment as well. That’s not it! The store allows you to design your hamper. Lovingly Signed even lets you personalise your gift so its charm is boosted. So, if you want a precious keepsake to adore for all the years, browse their entire collection and immediately get something for the new one.

Every hamper at Lovingly Signed will win your heart. Here, we have picked some budget-friendly cute gift sets ideas for you from this amazing store. 

Jellycat Companion Set

Isn’t it amazing that you provide your little one with an adorable companion that sticks with them throughout the day and night? This set is a true example of it. The amazing Jellycat Companion Set features a bashful Jellycat Bunny paired up with a cuddling Jellycat Bunny Comforter. Together they make wonderful friends. It makes an entertaining yet adorable gift hamper for every occasion. Also, the bunnies are safe to use by babies right from the start. Both items can personalised to make a perfect keepsake. Let your baby have friends for life as soon as they enter the world.

The Beary Bear Set

The Beary Bear Set is ready to lighten up your baby’s day. Offer your little one their own personalised Bartholomew Bear that cannot wait to play and snuggle in with your baby. Moreover, you can get an exciting storybook – The Only Bear for me, so your baby can hop into their wildest dreams. The gift set is perfect for little ones that adore bears. Personalise these sweet items and treasure them forever.

Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle

Thinking of providing a joyful welcome to your baby? The Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle makes a magnificent present for the birth of the baby. This elephant-themed gift set contains three delightful goodies to cheer up newborns and their parents. Let your baby huddle down in the all-rounder Organic Cotton Blanket while cuddling with the ever-soft Elephant squishy toy. Read out the sweet story – Welcome to the World. Your baby will immediately fall into a peaceful sleep. This gift set is available in multiple colors so grab your favorite one now.

Personalised Essential Lamb Bundle Set

A perfect hamper means a fusion of essential and entertaining items. The Personalised Essential Lamb Bundle Set is surely the perfect example of it. Included in this set is a jolly Jellycat Lamb that will entertain your little one whenever they want. And when it is time to sleep, the Lamb will provide the utmost comfort to your baby with lots of warm hugs and cuddles. Also, you will get a luxurious Cable Knit Blanket that is ready to keep your little one warm whatever season it may be. 

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Joyful Baby Gift Set

Every baby deserves this Joyful Baby Gift Set. In this set, you can get the Bashful Jellycat Bunny that will make a wonderful friend to your little one in no time. Also, the set puts an end to the never-ending cries of babies during bath time with the gorgeous White Hooded Towel. With ever-soft babygrow, loungewear can’t get any more comfortable. And in the last, the Silky Cotton Blanket provides a sense of security and protection to your little angel. All eyes are on the Joyful Baby Gift Set!


If you still can’t think of something exceptional for the little one, then Lovingly Signed has a lot of baby gift sets. Upon visiting their website, you will definitely find a perfect baby hamper Singapore for your little one who is soon arriving.