The process and benefits of dry cleaning

Clothes that are subject to dry cleaning are fabrics that are vulnerable to the rigorous standards of a standard washing involving soap and water that is done using our hands or in the washing machine. The solvent used in dry cleaning contains either very little water or none of it. The surface of the cloth is cleaned by this solvent but it also does not seep into the surface of the material. There is also neither stretching nor shrinking involved in dry cleaning. There are dry cleaning institutes that teach how to not use water to clean certain materials for clothes. If you are in New York City and are looking for a dry cleaning service, simply look up ‘Dry Cleaners NYC’ on Google and choose from the range of results.

The Process Of Dry Cleaning

Like everything that evolves with time, dry cleaning has also become more advanced over the years. This is a cost-effective process and most dry cleaning can be carried out today without using expensive equipment. The steps of dry cleaning are as follows:

Tagging Of The Garment: Once you give your clothes to the dry cleaners, they will tag your clothes, as they have tagged others’ and the ones that will come. These tags will be pinned or stapled to the clothes. Some use iron-on strips with a permanent barcode for customers who regularly visit the dry cleaning service. Similar clothes are cleaned together and tagging the same makes sure that they are returned to you.

• Inspection Of The Garments: Like you would check the pockets of your clothes before dropping them in the washing machine, the dry cleaners also check the pockets because they are prepared for cleaning. If anything is found in the pockets then they are returned to the customers and if there are problems with the material, they are noted down by the dry cleaners.

• Treatment Of Stains: This is part of the inspection process which involves the cleaner checking for stains. In case you know how a stain came to be on the cloth, please inform the dry cleaners of the same. What makes a good dry cleaner stand out from several average dry cleaners is if they cover buttons and trim for the prevention of damage.

• Dry Cleaning On Machines: Clothes that are soiled are loaded into a large drum machine and are cleaned using a chemical solvent that does not have water. The clothes are made to loosen up a little in the machine. Then the solvent is drained, filtered, and recycled and in a fresh solvent solution, the clothes are ‘rinsed’ to get rid of the last remaining impurities.

• Post Stopping: Stained coming from oils can be removed effectively because of the chemical solvent. All garments dry cleaned have to be post-spotted to search for any remaining stain. The stains are then subjected to treatment using steam, vacuum, or water to get rid of stains that are still there.

Finishing: The final process of dry cleaning is preparing the garment ready to be worn. This involves steaming, pressing the wrinkles, reattachment of the buttons and making other necessary repairs if required. Then the clothes are hung or folded for the customers to take them back. Some services give bags of their own so that you will be able to carry your clothes back home safely. Get the clothes out of the bags as soon as you get home to prevent more damage from trapped moisture.

Advantages Of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has several benefits over washing clothes at home. Moreover, not every clothes need to be dry cleaned some need to for preserving their beauty. Trusting professional dry cleaners can be a way out if you are confused. The benefits are:

Fewer Abrasions: Dry cleaning is brimming with innovation and make use of greener products as they leave fewer abrasions on the material of the clothes. Dry cleaners use water only for those processes where water is required. Clothes that need special care will be treated as such by them. If you are looking for dry cleaning services that even fold the clothes after they are done, type ‘Wash And Fold NYC’ and you can select from the results.

Attention To Detail: When you do your laundry at home after you are done washing the clothes, you have to dry them, press and fold them. Dry cleaners will take care of all these. When you go to them for bringing your clothes home, you will see that they are immaculately pressed and folded, as if they have been newly bought. Some services also offer delivery services where they eliminate the need for you to physically go to them for getting the job done.


Dry cleaning is very convenient and a great way to retain the quality of the material. You can get rid of stains and odours effortlessly with the help of the dry cleaners. Apart from clothes, you can also get blankets, shawls, curtains, and other items dry-cleaned. Dry Cleaners in NYC can be found easily.