The shape and length of the ear canal also

The shape and length of the ear canal also play a role in resonance. Resonance is the phenomenon where certain frequencies of sound are amplified, enhancing our sensitivity to those frequencies. This resonance effect in the ear canal helps in optimizing the perception of speech sounds and other important auditory cues.

Overall, the pinna’s function is crucial for sound localization, helping us determine the direction from which sounds originate. Additionally, it contributes new audition to the overall sensitivity and frequency response of the human auditory system, making it an essential part of our ability to hear and perceive the world of sounds around us.

The unique shape of the pinna allows it to act as a sound collector, helping us detect sounds coming from different directions. Sound waves from various sources arrive at the pinna and interact with its contours differently based on the sound’s direction and frequency. This causes certain sound frequencies to be amplified or attenuated, depending on the angle of incidence.