There will always be a market for action movies

so long as there are movies. Why? Because no young boy or girl ever imagines herself to be a damsel in distress or a sidekick as they are growing up. They are all itching to throw punches, draw their swords, and rush forward towards the threat. They are the unsung heroes who will one day become the directors, choreographers, and actors who give these visions a physical shape. 

1. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Among the most influential action movies of all time, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was an important milestone in the development of the genre. It shifted the tone of the series and established itself as an unmatched force in storytelling. The film was also notable for its stunning set designs and excellent character development. Its climactic lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader was a major turning point in the series.

2. The Matrix: Reloaded

The Matrix was a cult sensation that broke new ground for the genre. The Wachowskis created a unique sci-fi concept and mythology that was groundbreaking for the time. The first film piqued audience interest with its ingenious premise and innovative cinematography. But it was The Matrix: Reloaded that ushered in a whole new level of action movie edginess.

3. The Matrix: Revolution

Keanu Reeves’ nimble performance as Neo, an ordinary computer programmer who wakes up in a virtual world of his own design, made The Matrix one of the most influential movies of its time. It also introduced many of the genre’s most popular tropes and set the bar for action sequences that still thrill 20 years after they hit theaters. But the film was also laced with deep philosophical themes and biblical, literary and mythological references that kept audiences talking long after they’d seen it. The Wachowskis crafted a story that was more rigorously structured than most sci-fi.

4. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of the most influential action movies of all time. Not only did it supercharge the superhero genre, but also paved the way for dozens of films that followed after it. It’s been 10 years since Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster hit, and it still holds up to the test of time. As we celebrate this anniversary, let’s take a look at how The Dark Knight has changed the way we see action movies today. You can watch it on pelispedia for free.

5. The Avengers

Originally created by Marvel Comics co-founder Stan Lee, The Avengers is an interconnected series of films featuring superheroes. It is one of the most successful comic book franchises of all time and has spawned an entire cinematic universe. Bringing together Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow is no easy feat. The team’s internal strife is at the heart of The Avengers.

If anything, the battles are becoming bloodier, more precisely orchestrated, and more dangerous as the competition progresses. In a Hollywood that is already saturated with comedic cinematography and post-production punches, it is encouraging to see that overseas performers and directors are now receiving increasing attention and direction.