Things to Check with VIP Number Seller Before Making a Purchase

Nowadays, there are many avenues to get a VIP or a fancy number. Due to its amazing benefits and high demand, there has been a rise in the number of sellers on the market. Therefore, it can be a little challenging to choose the right seller or avenue to purchase a VIP mobile number. This article seeks to provide some valuable tips and insights in choosing the best seller for the fancy number you want. Here are what to check; 

  • Reputation check: research a seller’s reputation before making a purchase. This can be done by checking or looking for reviews, testimonials and feedback from previous buyers. By doing this you can ascertain the credibility and reliability of the seller. 
  • Pricing: ask for quotes from different sellers to compare their prices. This helps to ensure that you are getting a fair deal as some sellers may charge higher prices for popular numbers or numbers with specific sequences. 
  • Legitimacy: as the number of scammers and frauds are increasing, you need to ensure that your seller is legit and have obtain the numbers through legal means.  
  • Payment options: Check and make sure that the payment policies and options offered by the seller are secure. Do not use unsecured or unfamiliar payment methods or give away personal information such passwords, pins or other confidential data of debit or credit cards as this could lead to fraudulent actions. 
  • Customer support: work with a seller that provides good customer support and is responsive to your queries. This will help in case you face any challenges pertaining to your purchase or simply require some answers. 
  • Transfer process: Ensure that all the necessary documentation and support is provided by VIP number seller you have contacted. 

Now that we know what to look for and examine, let’s delve into them properly 

Reputation check: when buying a VIP phone number online, it is important to check and examine the reviews, feedbacks, referrals and testimonials left by past customers as it gives you a fair idea of what to expect from the seller. You can also check the sellers’ engagements and presence on their social media platforms as it can also help provide valuable insights of their brand, practices, professionalism and reputation. Also, you can ask around from those who have patronized their business to get their opinions and views. Furthermore, you should also consider their experience and expertise in the industry. 

Pricing: you should consider shopping around for a VIP number first and not necessarily settling for the first seller you come across. By comparing prices and quality, you would make the most out of your money. Also, look out for sales or discounts on the various sites as it helps a great deal to cut down cost and save some extra money during purchasing. Additionally, be on the lookout for additional fees and but from a website that is upfront about their prices as it can help you structure your budget and avoid spending more than required. Furthermore, if it is possible bargain the prices of numbers as some sellers’ may be willing to go a tad lower. 

Legitimacy: before buying, research the sellers’ business information such as their names, phone number, email, address across different platforms to ensure that they are consistent and also if they match public records. Also check their credentials to ensure that they are registered with relevant authorities and abide by their industry’s regulations. Also, before purchasing a VIP number, make sure that the seller is the legal or verified owner of that number or have the necessary documents and authority to sell on behalf of another if the number does not belong to them. it can include a certificate of ownership or bill of sale among others to avoid any difficulties or legal issues along the line. 

Payment options: before finalizing payments for a VIP number, check for secure payments options such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal etc., provided by the seller. You should also verify the payment details such as the account name, number, payment amount and other relevant information about the seller and make sure they are correct before proceeding to pay. Additionally, always demand a receipt or confirmation of payment from the seller as it is your only ticket to avoiding potential problems 

Customer support: consider a seller that invests in a customer focused approach as that helps when you need assistance or answers to any questions. Likewise, consider how long they respond to queries or questions posted by customers and also their support hours such as a 24/7 chatbot for help to ensure they can be contacted in when needed ad in your time zone. Also, ensure they provide support till you activate your number as that eases the process. 

Transfer process: in order to make the process easy, ask about the transfer process and all relevant documents needed to finalize the transfer in order to make you prepared. Also check the legitimacy of the VIP number with your service provider to ensure that they support the transfer and it can be activated and also with the seller to see if the process is going smoothly and can be completed on time. 


Going by these tips, you can be sure of selecting the best seller on the market and get a good value for your money. In case you are still not sure, the VIP number shop is the best to roll with as they provide you with some legit, easy to remember, real and memorable VIP numbers at competitive prices. You can never go wrong with them. 

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