Tips and Tricks for Swiftly Farming Characters in Ragnarok Origin Global 2023

Ragnarok Origin Global, a widely popular MMORPG, offers an assortment of features that enhance the gaming experience. Among these, AFK farming, preset builds, and daily quests are considered crucial. This article contains helpful tips and guides for players looking to farm characters quickly in the RO world.

A Must for Using AFK Farming Feature in Ragnarok Origin Global

Ragnarok Origin Global, the latest MMORPG, has an AFK Farming feature that many adventurers may not know about. This feature allows players to gather resources even when they are not actively playing the game, making it easier for players who have limited time to enjoy the game. However, understanding the AFK Farming feature can be challenging.

Players can acquire Experience and Item Drops for up to 150 minutes per day through AFK Farming. Once this threshold is reached, players will enter a “Fatigued” mode where gaining experience and item drops becomes more challenging. To continue collecting resources, players can use the recently introduced “Monster Annihilation” mode, which enhances the chance of obtaining item drops by six-fold. Activating this mode requires players to utilize a new currency known as “Blessing Time,” which can be earned by accumulating 100 daily activity points. For every 100 points earned, players can receive 30 minutes of Blessing Time.

During the Monster Annihilation mode, players have access to Lucky Candy, which doubles the chance of obtaining item drops. The community anticipates that players can receive approximately 210 minutes of Blessing Time. It is crucial to take advantage of these features to earn as many rewards as possible during special events in Ragnarok Origin Global. Additionally, even if players fail to obtain experience or item drops after 150 minutes of AFK Farming, they can still gain Magic Dolls or Elemental Specimens.

A List of Builds Offered with Presets in Ragnarok Origin Global

In Ragnarok Origin Global, players have the option to customize their character’s build by altering spells, abilities, stat allocations, and equipment to fit their preferred playstyle. This feature comes in handy for players who feel bored with their current build and want to try something new. The game allows players to switch between three presets at a tiny cost of 20,000 Zeny, with the third preset being more expensive in recent updates. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only available for the main character and requires players to reach Level 45 to unlock their first preset.

Investing in presets can be a game-changer in Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay, where stats and skills are critical in combat. Many experienced players recommend utilizing this feature to keep the game exciting and to experiment with new builds without sacrificing the original build that helped progress in the game.

The game includes a user-friendly feature that allows players to reset their presets for free. However, this feature is only available for the first three times. After that, players must pay a small sum using in-game resources. By customizing their build, players can unlock their character’s full potential and dominance in combat.

Tips and Tricks for Swiftly Farming Characters in Ragnarok Origin Global 2023

The Importance of Daily Quests in Ragnarok Origin Global

Ragnarok Origin Global offers a diverse range of activities during its special event period, making it stand out from other games. To improve your gameplay experience, it is crucial to engage in the daily quests.

Daily quests reset every day and offer a variety of tasks that can range from easy to challenging. These quests provide adventure characters with several benefits, and the rewards vary based on the difficulty level of the quest. Besides, completing quests plays a crucial role in progressing through the game.

In Conclusion

To optimize your gaming experience and achieve substantial progress in Ragnarok Origin Global, it’s crucial to utilize its AFK farming feature, pre-set builds, and daily quests effectively. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, taking the time to comprehend and utilize these features can allow you to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Ragnarok Origin Global. So, make sure to take advantage of these features to make the most of your gameplay.