Top 5 Awesome Family Places in Bali Holiday Packages

If you ever have been to Bali? If yes, then you must have known Bali Tours are best for a vacation with kids. Here, you can explore various places where kids love to spend time while enjoying different rides and experiences.

Also, water activities, wild sanctuaries, and various attractions would fill you and your family with some incredible experiences. If you have not traveled to the land of god then you must give a chance to Bali tour packages which should include these 5 must visit Family Places in Bali

Breakfast with lions 

There are plenty of Family Places in Bali where you get to interact with wild animals yet few of them allow you to have a close look at the lions. For this, you can visit Tsavo Lion Restaurant where you will get water melting breakfast. Here western dishes blend with Indonesian cuisines.

However, this spot in Bali Tours could give you a unique experience with its venue. Here, through the window, you can look at lions while they are taking sun baths. This area is also home to Kenyan traditional tribes. 

You can book a breakfast with a lion package and later you can take a safari tour. Also, witness a lion feeding show. 

Monkey Feeding and Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

If monkeys fascinate you then Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud holds a unique value for you. Here, kids could witness 600 Balinese monkeys with a long tails. Also, you can take blessings from god from three Hindu temples. Apart from it, this place is home to a century-old banyan tree and a large dragon statue. On Bali holiday packages, you can click selfies with the monkeys and buy bananas to feed them after the photo session.  

Regardless of how cute monkeys are, they won’t leave your snacks with you. So it is best to keep your snack at home. Also, be careful with big and aggressive monkeys. 

Meet parrots at the Bali bird park

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali that you should visit with your family. Kids would be rejuvenated in this place due to its beauty. Here, you could witness and explore 1000 different species of birds from all corners of the world and 2000 types of plants.

To enjoy this place, we suggest you visit this place during early timing as there would be less crowd and human interaction.  It is located in the northern part of the Ubud. Besides this, you can watch a 4D movie and enjoy a lavish lunch. Thus, you should visit this place with your kids to have quality time with your family. 

Surfing lesson for your little ones 

If you and your kids are water babies and do want to surf it then watching blue surfs does not work for you. There are myriad places where you can make your kids learn surfing to let them enjoy this sport. Such places allow your kids to remember surfing with practical sessions.

During the sessions, your kids could learn some basic features like laying, paddling, and gaining core strength. Usually, these session stands for 7 days a week. Take advantage of this activity to include in the Bali holiday packages if you want your kids to learn something new. 

Giant water slide and Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is a summer treat for kids as well as adults. It is a fusion of deadly rides and lazy rivers. You can visit this place while exploring Kuta Beach. This place has 15 attractions and a few of them are extremely wonderful. One of the most wanted and popular rides will throw riders in the air before dropping them in the water. This makes it a mandatory place to include in Bali holiday packages

If you are traveling with kids below 6 years old then this fun-loving place is just for you. Go and enjoy floating and hovering along the Lazy River. 

Bottom line 

Bali is such a wonderful place to visit once in a lifetime. It has various fascinating landscapes and natural wonders that would mesmerize your visual senses. Along with it, this place is full of culture and history. By exploring this place, kids could gather a treasure of knowledge and a deep dive into the ocean of history. Further, these places would add some lifetime memories to your trip. 
To plan your memorable trip without any hassle, should be your next destination.

Here, we have a lot of Bali tour packages that you could choose to enjoy an unforgettable trip. You can also modify the tours to Bali as per your needs and requirements. The itinerary of the trip will be well-planned and managed so that you would not face any issues or challenges.

The bottom line in Bali: Immerse in the vibrant culture, indulge in breathtaking beauty, and create lifelong memories in this enchanting paradise.