Top 5 Best Anti-theft Backpacks in 2023


Discover the ultimate convenience of travel bags – the anti-theft backpacks. Stay worry-free as these backpacks protect your belongings on the go, providing both comfort and spaciousness. Explore our reviews of anti-theft travel gear and find the perfect anti-theft backpack for your travel, daily commutes, or school needs, ensuring top-notch security features. Don’t let pickpockets ruin your day; keep your essentials secure with these reliable anti-theft backpacks.

1. Arctic Fox Slope Anti-Theft Marble Black 15.6″ Laptop bag

Top 5 Best Anti-theft Backpacks in 2023

This bag features a dedicated laptop compartment with a 15.6-inch laptop and adequate space for everyday essentials and tech supplies.

You get the most back support with the 23-litre capacity, comfortable, soft-padded back design, and thick, plush, multi-panel ventilated cushioning.

Excellently constructed for day trips and international flights, this USB backpack gives you a more practical way to charge your phone with a built-in mobile charging port.

A hidden anti-theft compartment on the back will keep your stuff safe from potential thieves. You can use them as a sleek laptop bag for the office, a compact USB charging backpack or a standard school bag.

Made with metal zippers and durable, water-resistant polyester fabric, this one is perfect for your fast-paced lifestyle.

2. Arctic Fox Slope Anti-Theft Camo Black 15.6″ Laptop bag

Top 5 Best Anti-theft Backpacks in 2023

Distinguished by its unique features and functionalities, this anti-theft bag stands out from the rest. Boasting a stylish design and branded zippers, it’s perfect for daily commutes, school, or college use.

With anti-theft properties and a convenient charging port for mobile devices, it suits your busy lifestyle. The bag offers a 23-liter capacity, a 15.6-inch laptop compartment, and a tech-inspired design for modern essentials.

The water-repellent fabric, adjustable shoulder straps, and breathable design ensure comfort and reduce shoulder strain. Additional features include a water bottle pouch, drawstring rain cover, power bank port, and padded shoulder strap.

3. Arctic Fox Griffin Anti-Theft Black 15.6″ Laptop bag and Backpack

Top 5 Best Anti-theft Backpacks in 2023

This bag strives to embody modernity in every aspect. The latest edition of an anti-theft bag incorporates a concealed zipper and rear opening, ensuring utmost security for your belongings.

When carrying valuable items, no one can access your bag from behind. With its tech-inspired design, it is equipped with anti-theft features and a convenient charging port for mobile devices, catering to your fast-paced lifestyle.

Offering a 15.6-inch laptop compartment and 23 liters of capacity, it provides ample space for your laptop and other contemporary essentials. Additional features include a drawstring closure rain cover, a one-year warranty, a side water bottle holder pouch, and a fully water-repellent fabric.

4. Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 Anti-Theft Carry-On Travel Backpack

The Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 is a terrific option if you want the best carry-on luggage that is also anti-theft. The outdoor line of Pacsafe bags, known as Venturesafe, has all the top-notch anti-theft features.

It has a capacity of 45 litres, making it spacious enough to hold all your essentials for a quick journey.

It has padded shoulder straps, a hip belt for added comfort, a big main compartment with a book-style opening so you can easily access your clothes, and a smaller front compartment with lots of pockets for your small items.

5. Arctic Fox Predator Anti-Theft Black 15.6″ Laptop Bag

Top 5 Best Anti-theft Backpacks in 2023

Experience the epitome of style and security with the Arctic Fox Predator Laptop bag. This anti-theft bag boasts an exceptional design and safety features.

With a concealed back entrance and zipper closure, your valuable belongings remain secure. Offering protection against theft, it even includes a cable for phone charging and a charging port, catering to your busy lifestyle.

The tech-inspired design features a spacious 23-liter compartment, perfectly accommodating a 15.3″ laptop and other electronic devices.

With a thick padded handle for a secure grip, your valuables are safe from any attempts when you travel.

What Is An Anti Theft Backpack?

Unlike ordinary travel bags, theft-proof luggage has been designed particularly to protect your belongings while travelling. You want to feel confident that your belongings and valuables are safe and secure with a pickpocket-proof backpack whether you are in an airport, train station, bustling street or restaurant.

Secure travel backpacks include features such as:

  • Cut resistant materials
  • Hidden compartments
  • Stronger, lockable closures
  • RFID blocking pouches
  • Cables with locking mechanisms.

These features reduce the likelihood that thieves will gain access to and steal your valuables. Investing in a theft-resistant bag is prudent if you travel frequently or commute to work or school.  They provide a greater sense of assurance that your equipment is safely stored.

The Best Anti-Theft Backpack Buying Guide

Your passport, credit cards, camera, and any other valuables that you carry with you will be protected from theft wherever you go if you have the best anti-theft travel bags. Backpacks designed for travel typically include a number of different safeguards against theft. Because not all travel-safe bags have the same qualities, we’ve compiled a list of the most critical anti-theft attributes and included them below to help you choose which aspects are most important to you.

1. Slashproof Material

Slashproof steel mesh is woven into the fabric of the greatest anti-theft travel bags.

Doing this prevents the cloth from being cut to access your bag. This design element is present in the majority of Pacsafe travel bags and some Travelon anti-theft bags.

When you are in crowded marketplaces or trains, the steel wire mesh shields your possessions from opportunistic criminals. Leaving the luggage at the concierge desk or in your hotel also prevents unauthorised entry.

2. Zippers with locks

One of the finest barriers against inquisitive eyes is backpacks with locking zippers.

Some backpacks will include locks on the main compartment zippers. Every portion of the best anti-theft travel bags will include a locking zipper.

Each lockable rucksack has a unique design for its travel bag locks. Some demand an additional padlock or advise using TSA-approved luggage locks. Others have distinctively designed zipper locks. A determined criminal with time on their hands can still attempt to enter your backpack despite the lockable zippers. They work best while travelling or sightseeing because they keep opportunists from getting to your bag when you’re not looking.

It should be noted that some backpacks with locks come with little more than a ring to connect the zipper to. While a lock is a better option, most of the time, a zipper attached to a D ring will be sufficient to stop burglars from trying to get into your luggage.

3. Hidden Zippers

A hidden zipper backpack makes it challenging for criminals to get access to your bag, continuing the concept of zippers. When the bag is lying on your back, the zippers to the main compartment are concealed at the back of the bag. This function is present in many modern anti-theft travel bags, and in some cases, it serves as the sole anti-theft security measure. Travel bags with concealed zippers are an excellent option if you’re looking for a straightforward and affordable anti-theft backpack.

4. Secret Pockets

The most frequent anti-theft features on backpacks marketed as theft-proof travel accessories are probably secret compartments and concealed pockets.

When carrying a rucksack, it can be more challenging to reach a concealed pocket that is stowed away towards the back of the bag. You can keep your passport, wallet, credit card, and phone in these concealed pockets. Deep inside, certain travel bags with security zippered pockets are also common. This is an additional typical anti-theft feature.

5. Resistance to water

Not only should a safe travel backpack deter burglars. Additionally, if you are caught in a downpour while travelling, it should prevent water damage to your expensive electronic equipment. An integrated bag cover you can slip over the bag’s outside may come with a waterproof anti-theft backpack. Other anti-theft bag brands will employ materials that are water-resistant. Only a select few manufacturers assert to have totally waterproof, theft-proof backpacks. Most are resistant to water. Therefore, if waterproofing is crucial, make sure you review the specifications. The best choice is frequently a separate cover.

6. RFID Security

A travel-safe bag will typically come with an RFID-blocking card already installed. Many manufacturers include RFID-blocking material in their anti-theft daypacks, despite the fact that the extent of fraudulent use of RFID technology is debatable. Anti-theft RFID backpacks often contain a pocket inside protected with RFID-resistant material. This assures that no radio waves will be able to access the information on your passport or credit cards while you are moving.

7. Integrated Locking Cable

One of the hardest aspects of travelling is protecting your things. Some travel anti-theft backpacks come with a locking cord to secure the bag to a table, chair, post, etc., for maximum peace of mind. Some anti-theft bag companies even have a locking mechanism within the backpack strap. Some locking wires are incorporated, some are independent, and some are distinct from the bag. This is an excellent security feature when you need to secure your travel bags while waiting at an airport or railway station.

Should You Spend Your Money On Anti-Theft Backpacks?

The cost of theft-proof luggage may be higher than the cost of a regular travel backpack, but the cost of losing your wallet, camera, or passport will be substantially higher than the cost of purchasing theft-proof luggage.

To rub salt in the wound, who wants the hassle of having to replace these things while they are away on vacation? Spending a little bit more money on travel luggage that has built-in security features to deter theft so that you don’t have to worry about your belongings, is money well spent when you go on vacation.

To Sum Up:

Travellers might feel more at ease with their belongings in anti-theft luggage, especially when navigating busy tourist areas or public transportation.

Anti-theft travel bags can not prevent all instances of theft, but they do greatly lessen the likelihood of theft by thieves.

Picking the right bag means thinking about how you’ll use it, how much stuff it can hold, and what kind of safety measures it has. We created this comprehensive guide to the best anti-theft backpacks in 2023 so that you can make a smart purchase and enjoy worry-free travels.

Several anti-theft mechanisms and advanced security systems are built into backpacks from Arctic Fox to prevent theft and keep your journey safe.

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